Color, Beauty, Hope

Spring has finally come to Colorado!
We have Evergreens: Spruce, Pines, Firs, and Junipers, that stay green all year round so there’s always some color. But now lately those trees that don’t stay green here are putting out leaves. It’s so beautiful to see!

The edelweiss is out and the roses are leafing.

firstpoppy 2021

My first poppy has bloomed. And the lilacs are out and the iris. And even though we’re only a couple of weeks from our latest snow, the ground has finally committed to Spring!

It reminds me of renewal, rebirth, which inspires me.


God has created this earth, this place for us to live in, with seasons that remind us of His plan and purpose to care for us. He knows so well that we need change as well as stability. We get bored when nothing changes, but we also rely on the constancy of the order of the seasons. And each one brings with it a freshness. Something new to enjoy.

For me, Spring is a season of hope. And this year, it feels like we all really need it.


Seeing the new life in the yard, the color, the beauty, even smelling the wonderful fragrances, is so satisfying and hopeful. And gives me that sense that goodness lies ahead.

I pray it will for you too.

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