Hear More From God – Nature



Many people feel closer to the Creator when they are in His Creation – nature.

Whether it’s a hike in the mountains, a walk in the woods, sitting by the beach, watching an animal or storm, listening quietly to the natural sounds around you or gazing out a window at clouds or the scenery, I believe when nature calls, God speaks.

How does God speak through nature?  When you find yourself with some time, go be in or observe nature and quiet yourself. Take a few moments to rid your mind of distractions that may have followed you there. And instead of just sitting on a rock like the statue of “The Thinker”,  ask God what He might have to say to you.

Ask: What am I seeing? What does it mean? What might it mean to me?? In light of this, is there something I need to do or change? Is there a warning I need to heed? Does what I’m seeing compare to something I do, or should do, or shouldn’t do? Does it reveal something about God Himself?

Is there something I can learn about human behavior? About myself? About God? Is there something He wants to show me – something I should do? Or not do? Does He want to teach me something about Himself? In the way He cares about nature, or cares about me?


Being fortunate enough to live in Colorado has made taking walks for exercise an uplifting and often spiritual experience. As I lift my eyes to the stunning view of the mountains and sky, my thoughts rise up as well, and it is easy to talk to God in the presence of his beautiful creation.

There will not always be earth-shattering life-changing revelations. Sometimes, you just get the awesome chance to be with God, whose infinite power created the universe, and ponder your personal relationship with such a Savior.

I pray He will richly reward your commitment to spend time with Him as you seek His peace and His input in your life.

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