This blog is about sharing what I believe I have heard from God as I take time to read scripture, pray, take walks in nature – His amazing Creation – and through circumstances in my life.  He has taught me while I watched birds and fish, observed a storm, or studied flowers.

He has communicated with me through the circumstances of fear and hardship. On several occasions, He gave me a picture in my mind that spoke volumes to me, about what was happening and encouraging me through it. He has shown me through joyful and amazing experiences how great and faithful He is.

He speaks to me in answers to prayers. Sometimes the answer is “yes”, sometimes “no”, sometimes “wait”, sometimes “you’ve got to be kidding”!

As I read scripture, He often impresses upon me how it applies to my own life, and how to pray the truths of scripture into my own life.  At www.dailyprayer.wordpress.com you can read and pray daily prayers from scripture that follow the One Year Bible scripture passages.

Through all of this, it’s important to match up what I am hearing with truth from scripture. He will never tell me something that contradicts scripture, or produces something negative as a result, or draws me away from Him in our relationship.  So I ask those 3 as questions:  Does it agree with scripture?  Will it produce good fruit as a result?  Will it draw me closer to God?   If all 3 are ‘yes’ then I am more confident it was God and not just my own idea.

I hope you will be encouraged by these posts to open your spiritual eyes and ears to hear what God will say to you.  I pray you will make time to listen.  And that you hear what is spoken and understand it.  May it bless, encourage and direct your life.  And reveal truths to you about your incredible Creator!

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