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Standing on a Precipice?

precipice2Have you ever felt like you’re standing on the edge of a Precipice?  And you feel like God brought you here for a purpose?  And you feel like that purpose is to jump? 

But you’re not sure if what you have on your back is a parachute or a backpack?

That’s where I was.


Our Pastor had been teaching on Keeping in Step with the Holy Spirit.

At the beginning of the meeting he said that he sensed this would be a time of revelation and revival for some of us in the room – that God would be speaking to some of us there tonight about listening to and not quenching the Holy Spirit.

worship and bandDuring the next song, instead of singing the words, I asked the Holy Spirit to speak to me –I wanted to hear a word of direction. I said I was listening and would be obedient to follow. I asked God to silence all the other voices trying to speak to me that were not from Him – pressure, fear, insecurity, fear of failure – fear of success.

After the presentation that night, we broke into small groups and I became increasingly emotional as we talked about what was following or quenching the Holy Spirit.

I asked the group – “What if we don’t mean to quench the Holy Spirit, but we don’t feel like we have the gifts or personality to move forward when a door is opened? Is that a good reason to say no?”

Guess what they said?  If God has opened a door, He will provide what you need.  What He ordains, He sustains!

“What if it’s expensive?” That’s no excuse they told me.

praying hands“What if I’m afraid?” Then do it afraid they said. God will be with you!

By this time I was in tears. And they prayed for me.

In the following days, God answered those prayers by bringing to my mind songs, scriptures, prayers, and even a vision.

I was convinced to move forward – to take the leap.

Guess what?  It was a parachute!


What about you?  Do you have a decision, opportunity or question for the Holy Spirit?

Here are some steps that may help you connect.

  • Stir up Holy SpiritGet alone where you can talk and listen
  • Music may help or not – you’re listening for the Holy Spirit, not the words to a song
  • Say out loud that you want to hear from God and are listening
  • Ask God to quiet any voices that are not from Him
  • When you hear something, write it down
  • Check with another believer to be sure what you heard
    • agrees with what the Bible says
    • will produce the Fruit of the Spirit in your life
    • will strengthen or benefit your relationship with God

May God speak to you, lead and direct you with clarity and focus you understand, and strengthen you through the Holy Spirit. 

Best Christmas Presents!

Christmas Gift What was your favorite Christmas present to receive this year? A fun floating, spinning ball you can throw and it returns to you? An amazing Lego set? A pair of gloves that keeps your hands warm in subzero weather, protects from fire and allows you to use your cell phone? 

These are some of the gifts we gave. But this year I received two of the the best gifts I could’ve ever imagined!

Every year I have to requalify to be on the kidney transplant list. I passed with flying colors, but was told that although I’ve been on the list for three years already, due to the number of people being added every day. And the fact that my blood type is the universal donor, which is also the narrowest recipient pool, my anticipated, wait for a kidney had been extended to 6-8 years. Average lifespan on dialysis is five years.

LivingDonation_FIWith that sober wake up, call, I made difficult, challenging, and humbling decision to seek what I was told was my best alternative: a Living Organ Donor.

An amazing friend who has a wide outreach sent my notice to over 3000 people. In addition to friends, and my own church family, I was humbled by so many  responses. And I had dozens of people, some who I had never met offering to donate one of their kidneys.

Donor EricIt’s a long process of testing and many were disqualified early on. But after several months, turns out that a good friend and my coauthor Eric qualified to be a living donor. And December 7, he donated his kidney in a surgical procedure that set off a chain of eight surgeries across the country, including four kidney patient recipients and three other donors. That was the first gift.

He and I have different blood types, so I was not an immediate recipient in that chain. But because he donated in my name I have been added to the National Kidney Registry for Living Donors which I’ve been told shortens my expected wait time to only 6 to 12 months!

This is life-changing for me!

I don’t know when it will happen, and I have no idea how, but I believe God has completely orchestrated events that are far beyond my imagination or understanding to meet my needs. To provide the kidney function that my body needs to go on.

heaven-g74c596b0e_640Just two days before Eric’s surgery in what could only be considered a “Divine Appointment” (cue angels singing!)  Eric “happened to see” a friend at Panera bread who introduced him to a young woman who “happened to be” a prayer warrior. She was intrigued by the 40 Day Prayer Guides Eric and I had written, and in seeking more information, she “stumbled upon“ a podcast interview that Eric and I did telling about our books and kidney donation journey.

Blessing CoverOur books encourage and equip people to pray intentionally and consistently for 40 days on a specific topic; like praying a Blessing, or for Your Grandchild, or Your Pastor. And she envisioned a group of people praying for us, for Eric’s surgery, and for my eventual transplant, for the next 40 days!

Before Eric’s surgery she had enlisted people who signed up for a day in the 40 days to pray for us… an incredible blessing and wonderful and unexpected Christmas gift number two!

Before the 40 days of prayer were over there were groups of people lifting up Eric and I in NC, PA and CO including city-wide worship services and ministry organizations. And the final weekend Jericho 500, a Christian Missions organization, joined in with prayers around the world coming from the U.S., Europe, Israel, New Zealand and South Africa!

You may or may not be able to donate a kidney, or even know of someone who needs an organ transplant. If you have that opportunity, I want to encourage you to investigate it. It is a life-changing, life-saving gift. 

pray-2558490_640hands-2168901_640But Anyone can give the gift of prayer!

It is an immeasurable way to touch someone’s life. With guaranteed Heavenly results.

For more information about Living Donation, go to or

To learn more about our 40 Day Prayer Guide books visit our page on Amazon

Happy New Year!

pexels-digital-buggu-365069While bells are ringing midnight clear

three things I ask for this New Year:

direction, power, and peace

You know best what I will face

Guide me with Your loving grace


When my strength is fading, still

Empower me to do Your will


As I make Your will my goal

Grant Your peace for mind and soul


Father, with these blessings three

Enrich the days You send to me

man look over nature

The Lord is Light

calwaen-liew-343557-unsplashFather, without You we are in complete and utter darkness.

Our world is dark.  And this time of year there are literally more hours of darkness than light in the day.  Without artificial light we would not be able to see to get around.

There is also a kind of emotional darkness that comes from worry, stress, anxiety and fear.  This can be due to a lack of direction or encouragement.  Or a lack of truth in relationships.  Or from hardships, difficulties and tragedies we endure.

And there is also a spiritual darkness that seems to pervade our world.   At times it appears that evil is prospering.  And it has an upper hand so many places where there is persecution, hatred, and violence.

Lord Jesus Christ, thank You for being the Light of the World.  You are Light in our lives in so many different ways.

Three in particular come to mind.

Soft light. 

background-boy-christmas-713148 (1)You can be the soft light that allows us to feel relaxed, comfortable and safe; like the light from a campfire, or Christmas lights, or early morning just before the sun rises.  That kind of warmth or glow is gentle.  And You can be gentle with us.  You can wrap us in a radiance that calms us and brings a sense of peace no matter the circumstances.

In allowing You to envelope us in a blanket of softness there is a sense of security.

Bright light.

clouds-gdac75cead_640Daylight allows us to see things as they are.  We can see traps, holes, dangers.  We can navigate safely.  We can perceive more clearly.  And the bright light that You provide also lets us see the truth in ourselves and in our relationships.  It allows us to see the reality of our true identity and our circumstances.

Your light provides us with direction and clarity.  And that brings confidence.

Laser light.

laser-858309_640Light can be so strong that it burns.  Lasers can be weapons of destruction.  Or they can be so focused that they can be treatments for cutting out dead or diseased tissue.

As such, Your laser light can seek out and target our worries, fears, bitterness.  And can be a healing light burning out cancer and disease.

I praise You that You are Light.  The Light that brings comfort and security.  That brings direction, clarity and confidence.  That brings healing.  There is no darkness in You.

And that by Your light I can walk and live and prosper as my soul is prospering in the salvation You brought to the world.  Amen

John 8:12  When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said,

“I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

book light on girl

March into Victory!

armor-of-godMarch into victory and hold your head up !

Jesus is all that you need

You’ve got to shout HALLELUJAH !  and hold your head up

when you march into victory !

blur-1867402_640The battle may be long and hard and take you far away

but do not be discouraged, you’re not alone today

God is always by your side and He will help you win

He shed His blood and paid the price for victory over sin

spartan-1494365_640March into victory and hold your head up !

Jesus is all that you need

You’ve got to shout HALLELUJAH !  and hold your head up

when you march into victory !

road-sign-940630_640You may not feel like marchin’.  You may just want to quit.

That’s what the world is telling you: stay down when you’re hit !

But when you feel like givin’ up that’s when the blessing starts

Just listen to the voice of God!  Get on your feet and MARCH !

sword-790815_640March into victory and hold your head up !

Jesus is all that you need

You’ve got to shout HALLELUJAH !  and hold your head up

when you march into victory !

(C) Laura Shaffer 1997