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Waiting on the Lord Part 2


Are you still waiting?

Chances are you are waiting on something. And yes, it can be encouraging to know that other people are waiting too, that all this waiting is actually part of our being human. But knowing there are some things that just aren’t within our control doesn’t make the waiting any easier.

Can you remember a time before we all had cell phones? I was very pregnant and traveling with our 4 and 8 year olds, coming home from visiting my parents. Very long flight. My husband had said call when we got in to the airport and he would pick us up.

airport-2123274_640I found a pay phone and called to say we were here, and went to get our bags, then we all walked to the passenger pick up and waited with our luggage outside exhausted. The kids were tired and hungry and hot but we waited; standing, sitting, chatting…

After waiting an hour, I was worried. The trip from our house was usually only 45 minutes. At the risk of missing him, I gathered the boys and our bags and went inside to find another pay phone. My husband hadn’t even left yet! I just about collapsed.

Even leaving right then, it would take at least another 45 minutes to get to the airport – then another 45 minutes to get back home!


Nothing else to do but wait.

So I decided that to keep the boys engaged and in better spirits, we would make up games and silly songs to fill the time. We made up a new song called “It can be fun to wait.” In the song we counted, marched, sang our ABCs. We made a memory.

Now, when I am waiting alongside other people, they all pull out their cell phones and focus on them. Me, I turn to prayer. There are always people or circumstances on my mind that I can talk to the Lord about. And now that we wear masks in many public places where I wait, I can even pray quietly and no one can see my lips moving.

Through this, and so many other times I could tell you about, God showed me that time spent waiting can be purposeful. It can be prayerful. It can be “praise-ful.” And all those things can help us be patient.

blur-1867402_640Later He gave me this song. I still sing it when I’m challenged to “wait on the Lord.” It helps remind me that I need to use whatever time I have to praise Him. For who He is. For what He has done. When I use waiting time to pray, it helps me be patient. I feel like there’s purpose in it.

Try praise and prayer next time you find yourself waiting for something.

Chorus 2 X:  I can wait patiently

I can wait prayer-fully

I can wait praise-fully

For God knows what I need and He provides for me

As I wait I will praise my God

and the wonderful things He has done

I will praise Him for all creation

The earth and the stars and the sun

As I wait I will praise His name

Holy and Mighty is He

I thank Him for sending salvation

Salvation for you and for me

Chorus 2 X:  I can wait patiently

I can wait prayer-fully

I can wait praise-fully

For God knows what I need and He provides for me

And sometimes I even still sing the silly “it can be fun to wait” song too.

Because, sometimes, now, it can be fun to wait!

Waiting on the Lord Part 1

So much waiting!  We have all been waiting for so many things in this last year and a half. But even as things begin to get back to some form of normal, I have spoken to so many people who feel like they are waiting on God’s answers to their prayers. Waiting on His timing for what they are seeking.

And this waiting is H A R D.

If you are waiting on something, I hope this will encourage you.


I have waited for my birthday

I have waited for a cabtaxi-381233_640


I have waited for the birth of my child

I have waited on my Dadflight-3709560_640

That sweet an – ti – ci – pa – tion  some find as their reward

Is NOT what I experience when waitin’ on the Lord

Chorus:  Waitin’ on the Lord    Waitin’ on the Lord

Is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do

Waitin’ on the Lord  Waitin’ on the Lord

Is the harderst thing I’ve ever had to do

   Could be the hardest thing He’ll ever ask of you

I have waited with a lot of folks I have waited all alone

I have waited in some far off places I have waited in my home

Well I take this waitin’ all in stride but I really can’t afford

The real frustration that I feel when waitin’ on the Lord

time-371226_640Bridge:  It’s so hard when I want to know His will

and I want to know it now

Ev-ery sin-gle min-ute goes so slow

I want to know the answer to my prayer

But I must wait on Him somehow

It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do

Could be the hardest thing He’ll ever ask of you

BibleprayerhandsWell the Bible tells me just “be still” so that’s what I’m gonna do

And in the quiet, I can hear His voice and I know just what to do

And in His time His plan succeeds!  Oh what a great reward!

I’m finally really learnin’ how to wait upon the Lord!


© 6-1-1994  Laura Fail Shaffer

When was the last time…

When was the last time you laid in the grass looking up through the branches and leaves of a tree? Or watched puffy white clouds float across the sky?

To be honest, I didn’t set out to ponder the universe. But after making it up the street to the high school and around the newly reconditioned track encompassing the football field I was beat.

Spotting a bench in the park on my way back to the house my intention was to sit down for just a minute to catch my breath. But the grassy hillside in the shade was so inviting that just moments after I sat down, I leaned back to take in the soft coolness of the grass and gaze up between the branches and the leafy-ness.

I found my thoughts drifting…the branches in the trees with the leaves at the end look so much like the structure of our lungs.  And as a lightning strike in the distance grabbed my attention, I noticed how much it looks like a neuron – a nervous system cell.

I marveled at how much of biology is repetitious with structure and function – like the leaves of the tree help it take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen, and our lungs do the same for our bodies – take in oxygen and give off carbon dioxide.

But also how no 2 fingerprints are alike and no two snowflakes either.  So much simplicity in repetition, yet so much complexity in individuality.

Made me realize how long it’s been since I laid down under a tree and just watched the clouds go by and pondered the universe.

And how little time kids have to do just that these days…with the minutes that aren’t structured with school and teams and clubs being filled with technology and video games.

Anyway – had a little communing with God about creation and wrote a short poem – dictated into my cell phone, and then came on home.

Here’s the start of the poem I wrote – You’re invited to sit under a tree and finish it – or write your own!

Thank You, God, for the sun
For making trees
For sending the breeze
Thank You for making the mountains so tall
And the sky so blue
It all points us to You

The beauty of the world
The puffy clouds
The gorgeous flowers
The highest peaks
The tiny bee
Amazes me for hours

The complexity eludes me

The simplicity astounds
The repetitiveness amazes me
and the diversity abounds

How about you?  When was the last time you just looked around and marveled – thinking about everything…and nothing?

Get outside this week if you can. Take in God’s Creation. And listen to what it says to you. 


I’m a horse!


Psalm 32:8-9 says: “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you and watch over you. Do not be like the horse or the mule, which have no understanding but must be controlled by bit and bridle or they will not come to you.”

Meditating on this verse I imagined myself a horse that God was riding. At first He led me beside still waters and into green pastures, saying “Eat, drink, rest.” But I’m wanting to take Him somewhere! I tell Him I’m ready and fully expect Him to tell me where we’re going or show me a map.

pointing map

That’s when it hits me – I’m a horse! I can’t read a map! I remember riding horses as a girl when we lived in Arizona. I knew the direction I wanted to go on my rides and what I wanted to see, but never once did I make a map and show it to the horse!

I didn’t even tell the horse what my itinerary was. And yet I would not expect the horse to be frustrated or angry if it didn’t know the length and direction of our journey in advance. As we’d leave the stable, I would gently guide it where I wanted it to go.

God is like that with us…Even though we are created in His image, He is so far above us in wisdom and power that we could not possibly understand from His perspective, the plans He has for us.


But we can be assured that He has a good plan for each of us. We can know without a doubt that from His perspective on high, He knows what is in our best interest, and we can trust Him.

So when God tells me to rest, eat and drink, I had better do that. He knows what is ahead and knows what I need to be doing. I can trust that He has planned our journey and is preparing me for it now.


He doesn’t promise to tell each of us what the plan is or spell it out in terms we can understand in advance, but like our horse, He will guide us in the right direction. And we will reach the destinations along our way if we will but attend to and yield to His hands on our reins.

Jeremiah 29:11-13 assures us that He has a plan for us: a prosperous and protective plan, full of hope and with our best future at its heart. These verses also assure that He hears us when we call on Him in prayer and that He is accessible when we seek Him with all of our hearts.



Color, Beauty, Hope

Spring has finally come to Colorado!
We have Evergreens: Spruce, Pines, Firs, and Junipers, that stay green all year round so there’s always some color. But now lately those trees that don’t stay green here are putting out leaves. It’s so beautiful to see!

The edelweiss is out and the roses are leafing.

firstpoppy 2021

My first poppy has bloomed. And the lilacs are out and the iris. And even though we’re only a couple of weeks from our latest snow, the ground has finally committed to Spring!

It reminds me of renewal, rebirth, which inspires me.


God has created this earth, this place for us to live in, with seasons that remind us of His plan and purpose to care for us. He knows so well that we need change as well as stability. We get bored when nothing changes, but we also rely on the constancy of the order of the seasons. And each one brings with it a freshness. Something new to enjoy.

For me, Spring is a season of hope. And this year, it feels like we all really need it.


Seeing the new life in the yard, the color, the beauty, even smelling the wonderful fragrances, is so satisfying and hopeful. And gives me that sense that goodness lies ahead.

I pray it will for you too.