New Year’s Resolutions?

happy-birthday-g7361d058a_640My birthday is near Easter, and over the years has become my time of self-reflection and evaluation – even more than the New Year.

Parting of the Red SeaGrowing up, we would watch the movie The 10 Commandments on television around Easter time. It was a kind of reminder that life has a significant and important spiritual aspect. And Easter seems like the perfect time for self-reflection for the coming year.

Oddly enough The 10 Commandments is about more than just the 10 Commandments being given to the Israelites. It’s about God’s deliverance of his chosen people from the pharaoh in Egypt, and being led and provided for, through the wilderness to the Promised Land.

Their deliverance from Egypt was quite the miracle in itself. And is celebrated as Passover yearly by practicing Jews to commemorate the deliverance of the Israelites from death, by the blood of the lamb on their doorposts.

passion-g499aad82c_640Christians believe that was a picture or foreshadowing of what was to come – that Jesus IS that Passover lamb. And His blood shed on the cross allows us to be delivered from eternal death (separation from God) to eternal life with God.

And His rising from the grave after His death on the cross is why we celebrate Easter and our new life in Christ!

As we draw close to celebrating Easter, I encourage you to take time for self-reflection, and spiritual renewal.

A few questions that might guide you:

Who are you listening to for guidance, wisdom?   Who are you sharing your faith with?

What is the main factor in your decision-making process?

When are you setting aside time to hear from God?  In prayer?  In His Word? From Christian teachers/pastors?  Other places?

Where are you spending your time? Your money?

How are you living the life Jesus died to give you?

New Year Resolution

Self-reflection can so easily be about time management, exercise, weight. But other things are so much more important.


We can honor God by using our time, energy, money, relationships, decisions to live the life He died to give us.

Make time before Easter, to get with God and ask Him how you can use what He’s given you, to honor Him.

Alone with God

note-42883_640Last time’s challenge was to get alone with God.  To make uninterrupted time to speak to and hear from Him.  If you missed it, read it below this post, dated Feb 28.

I am praying that if you weren’t able to do it during the last 2 weeks, that you will do it this week.  It still blows me away, that our God – who created the universe, set the sun, moon and stars in the sky, thought up and intricately made every person, plant, animal, bird, fish and insect, desires to hear from each of us. That He listens to us. That He speaks to us. That He desires a relationship with us, is mindful of us and cares for us, reminds me that He is indeed a majestic God!  Click here to Read Psalm 8.

writing-g2f7adf461_640I was able to set aside some time this past week, even as an attack was forming against me. God heard my concerns and was able to share with me, encourage me, strengthen me.  I wrote down what I believe He was telling me.  When I hear something I believe is from God, I write it down so I don’t forget it – after all, if the Creator of the Universe speaks, it’s probably pretty important.

And I check it against scripture to see if it agrees with what God has already said there. Because I don’t believe he will ever contradict Himself.

What I was feeling were symptoms of a physical and medical nature, and was having trouble seeing beyond the week and concerned about long-term outcomes. You may be going through something similar, or may be facing some challenge that is very different.  But I believe what God said to me, may benefit you too.

underground-885206_640 (1)He first expressed that He could see me as I am, warts and weaknesses and all.  And that He still cared for me. He could hear the thoughts I’d been having, and sense my concerns.  And He was pleased that I was turning to Him for strength, comfort and reassurance, looking for a spiritual answer to a spiritual issue dealing with a medical concern and physical disease.

As I hold up what He said to scripture, I can see it’s what He had already told me there.  That He would protect me and I would not be overcome or overwhelmed by this disease.  Read Isaiah 43 here.

man-2037255_640Also that He has already prepared me to face what lies before me in my body, my mind and my spirit.  Isaiah 40:29 says “He gives strength to the weary and increase the power of the weak.” And  Read Philippians 1:5-6 here.

And not to fear because He is my God who is with me, loves me, and will fight for me to give me Victory!  Read Deuteronomy 20:3-4 here.

I believe He will speak to you also – It’s as simple as talking with God. Listening for His response. You can tell Him anything.

Whisper your fears
Yell your frustrations
Rage against your circumstances.
He can take it all.

As you wait – worship. Open your heart to Him. And He will fill it!

Good News – You are not alone!

bible-ga33d9443d_640With the excitement of what’s been happening at Asbury University and colleges across the country, this is the first good news in the world of war, earthquakes, and politics.

I heard a young woman interviewed on the radio this week who attended the Asbury Worship Revival. In her own words, she was encouraging people to have their own personal revival. She said we don’t need chapels, churches, worship teams to get in touch with the power of the Holy Spirit.

blur-1867402_640Each one of us can make time to meet with God. God is right where you are. He knows you because He made you. He loves you and wants to connect with you because you are His creation, His child. Through belief in Jesus Christ, His Son, the Holy Spirit lives in you and can speak to you – encourage you, direct you, comfort you, help you with problems, empower you to be your best.

Matthew 6:30-31, The apostles gathered around Jesus and reported to him all they had done and taught.  Then…he said to them, “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.”

note-42883_640How long has it been since you or I set aside time to spend with just God – to tell Him all you’ve been doing? Your problems? Your joys? In a place where the world doesn’t burst in interrupting with urgent texts, emails, phone calls? Where everywhere you look you don’t see something screaming for your attention to clean, or organize, or jump up and take care of?

I want to challenge you to have your own Revival THIS week.  Schedule a time – MAKE time to get alone with God.

underground-885206_640 (2)Find a place, a time where you won’t be interrupted – for 30 minutes, or an hour, or 2 – whatever feels right to you. No pressure to do anything or say anything. Just talk with God. Listen for His response. You can tell Him anything.

Whisper your fears
Yell your frustrations
Rage against your circumstances.
He can take it all.

His response may come in different ways:

It may be as you read scripture, a verse will take on a new meaning, or reveal something you had not understood before, or shine a new light or new perspective on what you’re going through.
A circumstance may change.
You may have a new attitude towards someone, or their attitude may change towards you.
You may feel a sense of comfort or well-being, or a sense of direction.
You may hear from a wise friend or counselor or pastor in a personal or corporate setting that directs you or clarifies something

You can be sure that whatever sense you get and interpret as “hearing from God” it will never contradict scripture.

back-view-backlit-city-847483I am praying you will be Revived!  Renewed! Your faith Reinvigorated!

May the God of Restoration, restore you with the Good News – that you are not alone!

Trail of Life

man look over natureOur goal in life, our purpose, is to Glorify God. We were created for His pleasure, to have a relationship with Him. And through salvation, we have an eternal place with Him in Heaven.

Even in the life of God’s children, our path includes hills, valleys, plateaus, and mountain peak experiences. The mountain peaks are wonderful. From these you can see God, as if He’s saying, “Yes, you made it to this one! You’re doing all right, keep up the good work.” But, going uphill, it’s hard to see very far ahead.

tourist-g4385ecd09_640Sometimes, the steepness of the hill you are on can obscure the peak you travel towards. Even from the valley you may or may not be able to see the mountaintop. When you lose sight of your goal, motivation can be lost. Other times you may have a clear view, but the distance may seem unreachable. Whether seen or not, to reach the mountain top, you have to climb.

And climbing is difficult. But as a Christian, you are never alone in your efforts. Joshua 1:9 tells us “God is with you wherever you go.” While we may think of God on high as our goal, knowing He is on the mountain top, God is also with us wherever we are: on the climb. Jesus, Emmanuel, is with us.

mountaineering-g62aae2dde_640Emmanuel means “God with us.” He is our ally beside us.  When we are yoked with Him, our load is lightened and He directs us. Even through the valley of the shadow of death, Jesus will be there to guide and encourage you. You only have to partner yourself with Him, by believing in Him as the Son of God who died for your sin and was resurrected; and asking Him into your life.

But sometimes, even as Believers, we choose not to walk beside Him; not to let Him shoulder our yoke. We choose to go our own way. We often lose time and distance in our stubbornness. But even then, we will not be wandering for long. For He is always there. And “when we call to Him, He will answer us, and tell us great and marvelous things which we do not know.” Jeremiah 33:3

hiking-1582295_640God also gives us the gift of the Holy Spirit, God in us, to be a help. The Greek word used to describe the Holy Spirit is “parakletos.” This means summoned, called to one’s aid. The Holy Spirit helped lead the apostles to a deeper knowledge of the gospel truth. And also gave them divine strength that enabled them to undergo trials and persecutions on behalf of the divine kingdom.

That Greek word is “parakletos” and to me, sounds like “pair of cleats” in English. Wearing a pair of cleats can be extremely helpful when climbing a mountain! It gives you traction on the trail when you might otherwise slip and fall, losing ground.  The Holy Spirit will speak truth to you and act as your internal guide. He will intercede for you when you don’t even know how to pray.

No matter the circumstances of our path, the turns and twists it takes, God is with us, in us, and for us. He provides guidance, wisdom, protection, comfort, encouragement.

sea-gdb53f5a9d_640Picture a trail of life,





Where are you right now? What do you need from God right now?

Do you need His direction and encouragement from on high?

Do you need His immediate side-by-side support and guidance?

Do you need His internal wisdom and intercession?

He’s right here with you now. Ask Him for what you need. Ask what you may need to let go of in order to take hold of Him.

Cling to Him, your Savior, your Friend, your God.

Praying for you today – my fellow climbers!

Standing on a Precipice?

precipice2Have you ever felt like you’re standing on the edge of a Precipice?  And you feel like God brought you here for a purpose?  And you feel like that purpose is to jump? 

But you’re not sure if what you have on your back is a parachute or a backpack?

That’s where I was.


Our Pastor had been teaching on Keeping in Step with the Holy Spirit.

At the beginning of the meeting he said that he sensed this would be a time of revelation and revival for some of us in the room – that God would be speaking to some of us there tonight about listening to and not quenching the Holy Spirit.

worship and bandDuring the next song, instead of singing the words, I asked the Holy Spirit to speak to me –I wanted to hear a word of direction. I said I was listening and would be obedient to follow. I asked God to silence all the other voices trying to speak to me that were not from Him – pressure, fear, insecurity, fear of failure – fear of success.

After the presentation that night, we broke into small groups and I became increasingly emotional as we talked about what was following or quenching the Holy Spirit.

I asked the group – “What if we don’t mean to quench the Holy Spirit, but we don’t feel like we have the gifts or personality to move forward when a door is opened? Is that a good reason to say no?”

Guess what they said?  If God has opened a door, He will provide what you need.  What He ordains, He sustains!

“What if it’s expensive?” That’s no excuse they told me.

praying hands“What if I’m afraid?” Then do it afraid they said. God will be with you!

By this time I was in tears. And they prayed for me.

In the following days, God answered those prayers by bringing to my mind songs, scriptures, prayers, and even a vision.

I was convinced to move forward – to take the leap.

Guess what?  It was a parachute!


What about you?  Do you have a decision, opportunity or question for the Holy Spirit?

Here are some steps that may help you connect.

  • Stir up Holy SpiritGet alone where you can talk and listen
  • Music may help or not – you’re listening for the Holy Spirit, not the words to a song
  • Say out loud that you want to hear from God and are listening
  • Ask God to quiet any voices that are not from Him
  • When you hear something, write it down
  • Check with another believer to be sure what you heard
    • agrees with what the Bible says
    • will produce the Fruit of the Spirit in your life
    • will strengthen or benefit your relationship with God

May God speak to you, lead and direct you with clarity and focus you understand, and strengthen you through the Holy Spirit.