Welcome !

Welcome !

I believe God is speaking all the time.  Perhaps not audibly, as a person sitting next to you.  But He speaks through Scripture, prayer, nature, circumstances if you tune in to listen.

Like radio waves that are being broadcast in the physical space all around us, we don’t hear them unless our radio wave receiver is tuned in to the right frequency to pick them up. God has given us, built into us, a receiver to hear Him. It is our spirit.

We are all made up of body, mind and spirit. When, as a believer, we have the Holy Spirit within us, we can hear Him even better. And the Holy Spirit helps us understand better. But we need to ‘tune in’ to His frequency.

These blog posts share how I have tuned in to that frequency and learned about life, gained encouragement, direction, and a closer relationship with the Creator of the universe.

I encourage you to open your spiritual eyes and ears and see what God has to share with you!

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