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Will you join your Father?

When I go to my parent’s home for a visit, I love doing things with my father. It doesn’t matter what it is.  He is always busy at something.  If I get up and he’s in the yard planting gladiola bulbs, I go out and help plant gladiola bulbs.   I don’t do it because it’s my favorite thing to do, or because I am particularly skilled or ‘gifted’ at it, or even because he needs my help.  I do it to be close to him and spend time with him.

If he’s polishing the silver, I pick up a cloth and help him polish the silver.  If he’s trimming the trees, I pick up some clippers and manage the trash bin.  Again, not because it’s my favorite activity, or because I will get recognition, or even because of any sense of accomplishment.  But because it’s something we can do together.  And I love spending time together.

He is delighted when I help, but if I don’t join him in an activity, there is no condemnation or guilt.  He doesn’t get angry with me, or not allow me to join him in other activities.  It’s just that I missed an opportunity to spend time with him.

I think it’s like that with our Heavenly Father too.   He is at work all around us.  And when we see Him at work, we can choose to join Him.  It may be in an area we feel gifted in, or it may not.  It may be something we will be recognized for, or not.  It may become our life’s work, or it may not.  But our motivation is that we get to be with our Father.  And that is also our reward.

When I die, it is doubtful I will be remembered for some great ministry work, or some famous accomplishment.  But I hope it will be said of me, that I loved spending time with my Father.

In John 5:17, 19; Jesus told us His Father is always at work, and He did only what He saw the Father doing.

What do you see your Father doing?

Will you join Him?

Some of the fruit of our labor: