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Waiting on the Lord Part 3

How’s it going?  Do you still feel like you’re “waiting on the Lord?”

Is there a possibility that you have gotten off track and aren’t in a place where you can hear Him?


I had a dream where I was driving down the interstate.  I got off at an exit and sat there asking God which direction to go.  Should I go left towards the town, right up the frontage road, straight into the parking lot of a restaurant?

I sat and sat asking God what to do – which direction did He want me to go??  I was ready to be obedient and wanted to hear from Him.  I waited and waited….Silence.

highway-6501618_640My mind began to float up, out of the car so I could look down on myself – kind of like that feeling you get when you have a fever and your head floats up to the ceiling…  Anyway, I could see myself sitting at the intersection in the car.  I floated higher and could see the exit ramp from the interstate and surrounding area like a map laid out under me.

I floated even higher until I could see back to the exit I had passed and ahead to the next one.  That’s where I saw Him – God!

exit-44205_640He was waiting for me up at the next exit.  It was as if I could hear Him saying “When is she gonna get here?  I’m waiting to give her guidance if she would only get here…”

I had jumped the gun!  I had not listened for where to get off – I just wanted directions for which way to go in my current circumstances – without even stopping to ask if I was in the right place to begin with!

When I awoke, I had a new perspective.  I had felt the frustration of “waiting on the Lord” while He was, no doubt, feeling some frustration in waiting on me!

Kneeling-in-aweAre you where He wants you to be?

Stop. Drop. Pray.

Ask the Lord to show you where He is, and where you need to be.

And see if you need to make a course correction in order to get yourself to the place where He has blessings waiting for you.

Waiting on the Lord Part 1

So much waiting!  We have all been waiting for so many things in this last year and a half. But even as things begin to get back to some form of normal, I have spoken to so many people who feel like they are waiting on God’s answers to their prayers. Waiting on His timing for what they are seeking.

And this waiting is H A R D.

If you are waiting on something, I hope this will encourage you.


I have waited for my birthday

I have waited for a cabtaxi-381233_640


I have waited for the birth of my child

I have waited on my Dadflight-3709560_640

That sweet an – ti – ci – pa – tion  some find as their reward

Is NOT what I experience when waitin’ on the Lord

Chorus:  Waitin’ on the Lord    Waitin’ on the Lord

Is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do

Waitin’ on the Lord  Waitin’ on the Lord

Is the harderst thing I’ve ever had to do

   Could be the hardest thing He’ll ever ask of you

I have waited with a lot of folks I have waited all alone

I have waited in some far off places I have waited in my home

Well I take this waitin’ all in stride but I really can’t afford

The real frustration that I feel when waitin’ on the Lord

time-371226_640Bridge:  It’s so hard when I want to know His will

and I want to know it now

Ev-ery sin-gle min-ute goes so slow

I want to know the answer to my prayer

But I must wait on Him somehow

It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do

Could be the hardest thing He’ll ever ask of you

BibleprayerhandsWell the Bible tells me just “be still” so that’s what I’m gonna do

And in the quiet, I can hear His voice and I know just what to do

And in His time His plan succeeds!  Oh what a great reward!

I’m finally really learnin’ how to wait upon the Lord!


© 6-1-1994  Laura Fail Shaffer

Is it Spring where you are?





God knows us so well, and so like a parent prepares a nursery for a long awaited newborn, God planned earth to meet our needs and reflect His provision and love. His intelligence and compassion are shown in giving us seasons.


As we cycle through a year we can experience changes in the world around us and learn lessons for our own lives as God gives us both change and consistency.


God gave us a desire for change. But He also created us with a deep, deep desire and need for stability and consistency. He knows that random change without purpose can be scary and upsetting. And so He gives us purposeful, predictable change.



Every few months we see something new and fresh in our lives all around us. It affects our entire environment. The growing seasons bring different harvests of foods.  The climate impacts the way we dress and how we build our homes.




The seasonal colors of plants impact the way we landscape our cities and homes and surround ourselves with the beauty of His creation.




Like His love, which is secure and stable and never changes, He gives us the surety of knowing that the seasons always occur in a predicted order. In the midst of and in the excitement of change, we get the security of knowing that one season always follows another.


These same seasons of change exist in our lives. They do not occur every 3 months as the earth sees the change of seasons. Over a lifetime we experience seasons of change: waiting, testing, growth, calm, fruitfulness, pruning.

autumn-1001140_640With some issues, we can go through many seasons in a week. With some activities, relationships or circumstances, each season may last several months or years. Some things may take a lifetime.


I believe God prepares us for these changes by reflecting change in His creation. Ask God to show you where you are – what season you are in with regard to specific issues in your life.


Is it a time of rebirth? Renewing interests with newfound vigor and attention?

Is it a time of growth? Should you be fertilizing a relationship, an idea, a project to prepare for fruitfulness?

Is it a time of harvest? Of enjoying the benefits and provisions of hard work, but letting go of some responsibilities? Changing over to a new focus?

Is it time for resting? Being refueled by cutting back and preparing for building deeper roots?

Ask God to show you how to recognize what He wants you to know about His timing. To hear more from God, look around you at the living, growing, 3-dimensional teachers in His creation: the animals, the plants, the environment.

And be willing to listen.