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Son Light



Those radiant streams of mercy

that shine down from above

are full of “solar” power:

they’re God’s most perfect love.





They’re seen as dawn is breaking

with the rising of the sun

but remain invisible to most

once the day’s begun . . .



Unless a cloud is passing by

that hides the sun from view

then the rays that penetrate are seen

as they come shining through.


That’s how it is in daily life

when we forget the “Son.”

We count on Him to light our way.

The thanks we give Him: none.




We take for granted all the times

He’s sheltered us from harm

and don’t give Him a second thought

until there is a storm –



And then, as clouds are building

we search for something bright;

we need those rays of comfort,

those shafts of guiding light.





And God is always faithful,

yes, God is always true.

His radiant streams of mercy

are always there for you.

I feel like a boat…


Oh Lord

I feel like a boat

heading into a storm

fearful of what lies ahead

yet knowing I was built to withstand exactly this:



the high winds

the deep swells

the powerful surges of waves

that will crash around me

and wash over me

and test the limits of the strength of my construction.

I know I was made, created, put together by the powerful hands of a carpenter who knew beforehand the purpose of my life, the places I would go, and the perils I would face. Knowing all this, the Carpenter lovingly chose the wood perfectly – to match the force of the stresses that would be brought against it. Because that is the mark of a good and wise carpenter.

And He carefully and meticulously fashioned my shape: my bow, my stern, my hull, masts, even my sails, to create exactly the boat He envisioned.

rough-sea-2624054_640The strength of a boat is only put to the test by the strength of the storms it battles and survives. We never know how strong the wood, the construction is, until it comes through a storm. The strength is there all the time. But the demonstration of that strength, is in the storm.


I don’t know my own strength. But my Carpenter knows. He made me. He crafted me. He built strength into me that will only be demonstrated by the storms I weather. So, with confidence, and faith, I will enter the darkness, the winds and waves, the rain and thunder and lightening. And I see my deliverance on the other side. Where the waters are calm. And the winds are favorable. And the sky is blue. And my Carpenter (who is my Creator, my Heavenly Father, my Savior, and my Lord) stands smiling. Because He knew all along.


“The Lord is faithful. He will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear.” 1 Corinthians 10:13

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.” Proverbs 3:5

“When you pass through the waters, I will be with you…they will not sweep over you.” Isaiah 43:2

The beauty of the mountain




After a brisk walk around the lake, I found a shaded spot to sit where a view of the whole lake spread out before me. The water was calm, and reflected the wide, blue sky and majestic mountains. My attention was drawn to the one large mountain peak in the center of this tranquil scene. It was the highest, but had a wide, darkening cloud overshadowing it.

My first thoughts were sad. What a pity that darkness covered the mountain’s strength and beauty. I wished the cloud would blow over; move away to shadow another place. But looking more closely, I saw that it brought out depth and definition in the mountain that wasn’t perceivable in the bright sunlight. These distinctions added grandeur to the mountain’s appearance.

We are often like this mountain. If given a choice, we would prefer to live our lives in the sunlight, rather than under a cloud. We delight in sunshine, with no problems on the horizon. But often, the beauty of our Christian nature is brought out by the trials that overshadow our lives. God’s gift of peace can be most evident in times of turmoil. Our patience, or lack of, is most evident when it is being tested. Our spirit of joy often shows best in times of hardship.

The clouds also bring rain. The water that nourishes the lush blanket of grass and flowers that grow and add beauty to our appearance, comes from these dark overshadowing clouds. Even the water that runs off clears away debris and creates furrows and ridges that add depth to our character.

Sometimes, the clouds bring violent storms. Lightening may strike, and split the ground; leaving an open wound, an ugly gash of devastation in our lives. Even this is a gift. For the wound creates a new, clear, fertile place where nothing had an opportunity to grow before.

Many times, the sweetest, most beautiful flowers are seen in the shadowy depths of a chasm created by a trauma to the mountain. And, many times, the sweetest, most beautiful blessings in our lives, grow from the deepest hurts.

Appreciate the clouds.