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What armor are you wearing? Part 2

warfarehelmetsThe armor makes a difference!

Part 2  Evil Armor

I believe there’s a battle that we can’t see going on in the world today.

God gives believers armor and weapons to wear and use as protection, and as offensive and defensive weapons against the evil one and his schemes against us.

But I believe the evil one offers us armor too.  Or he leaves it lying around enticing us to pick it up and use it.


Because he is a deceiver, he can only counterfeit what God has made.  Someone may think this counterfeit armor will protect them, but it only serves to harm them, their relationships and the course of their lives.


Belt of Lies – Instead of a Belt of Truth, they gird themselves with the lies and deceit of the evil one, satan.  They will not hold something up to the Bible as a standard, but only to the current morality of the times, or what they feel is “right” for them.  Or whatever they can get away with without suffering consequences.  And because of this undercoat of support in the form of a veil of deceit they are living under – they feel totally justified in doing so.

The truth is relative, and so, irrelevant to their world view and the values they govern themselves by.  They are so misled as to cause themselves harm without realizing it.  And devastation to relationships.  They are mortgaging their future with a loan of moral and spiritual debt they can never repay.

breastplateBreastplate of Self-Righteousness – They protect themselves with a breastplate of self-entitlement and selfishness.  Rather than seek out what is right and good, they protect what seems good to only them.  And they feel power in being successful at manipulating, scheming and doing what it takes to get what they want.

They do not take responsibility for their words or actions.  The breastplate is supposed to protect your heart so no evil weapon can inflict damage.  But where God seeks to soften their heart, they throw up armor, surrounding it with only what they feel they deserve or are owed.  And whatever they feel you or I or the world owes them creates a barrier to our trying to instruct them in responsibility, right behavior and clear thinking.

Shoes of Strife – I won’t say they are shoes of war, but in smaller ways, they devalue keeping the peace.  In their jobs, in family relationships, in their choices of disobedience and rebellion, they literally and figuratively “walk all over people” in the name of what they feel they deserve or are owed.

helmetHelmet of Destruction –  They entertain thoughts that lead to sinful and destructive behaviors.  They embrace the values of the world and the flesh, defending that this is the way everyone thinks.  Ironically, they feel indestructible and so behave in ways that damage themselves, their relationships, their future and their spirits.

Their minds are filled with thoughts that tear themselves down.  So to deal with this they tear others down to build themselves up.  Rather than take every thought captive to God, they’re distracted to act on every stray idea without discernment as to its true consequences.  And in doing so often harm themselves and others.

sheildShield of Intolerance – They hold up a shield whenever criticism is lofted their way, to repel the truth.  But in that way, they actually don’t see that they have become intolerant of anyone who is not under their shield with them, tolerating only what they tolerate.  All kinds of injustice and evil have been done in the name of tolerance.

If anyone even hints at suggesting something is wrong with their behavior or attitude, the shield comes up and the questioner is accused of being intolerant.   Not only a defensive protection, they now use their shield to bully and push back against and knock down anyone who dares to have standards that are different from theirs.

swordSword of Idolatry –  These swords differ by whatever the individual worships.  Some fight with the sword of knowledge/education and go about slicing any argument to bits that can’t be proven scientifically or empirically.  If they can’t see it and understand it, it can’t be true.  Others slice down truth with secular humanism holding that people can govern themselves, making their own moral decisions based on what’s right for themselves at the time.

Another group slashes its way by exalting nature, mother earth, and all their decisions are made with this as the highest level of importance.  Still other swords used bear out that people live their lives and make their decisions based on whatever will bring them happiness, comfort, fame, wealth, power or beauty.  Some even carry several swords to defend their many loves against truth.

Do you recognize any of this armor?  In yourself?  In a loved one?

This armor is destructive.  Sometimes a loved one may not even realize they are acting defensively in this armor.  They become less loving, hard and hurtful people we barely recognize.  They carry attitudes of self-entitlement and their words and actions push us away rather than draw us in or accept any help.

When I sense this I realize it’s not the person I have a problem with, but the armor.  And I ask God to remove that evil armor.  With my own spiritual Armor of God prayed on, I pray off the evil armor.

Here’s a sample prayer for praying off that armor:

Lord Jesus Christ, with Your armor on I enter into the battle before me.  I believe (name) is acting under the influence of evil armor they may have picked up either intentionally or without realizing it.  Please remove the belt of lies, half-truths and deceit they are living in.  Show them Your truth and the cost and real consequences of what they have been mistakenly believing.

Father, remove the helmet of destruction.  Wipe out any thoughts of suicide or self-harm.  Help them to take every thought captive to evaluate it and call out to You for discernment before taking any action.

Lord, rip off the breastplate of self-righteousness.  Soften their heart to You and bring them salvation if they are not believers.  If they are believers, show them how this armor is not really protecting them.  How they are instead allowing the hurt in but then pushing away those who love them and want to help them.

Show them how to kick off the shoes of strife and set their feet upon Your path. Remind them that Your plan is to prosper them and not harm them, but to give them a hope and a future.

Father, convince them to set aside their shield of intolerance so they will be willing to see Your truth offered in grace and with love.  And let that grace and truth strengthen their faith.

And God lead them to lay down their swords of idolatry.  Defeat whatever else is ruling and ruining their lives.

Let them hear Your voice and  understand  Your words.  Send the Holy Spirit to silence all other voices that are not from You.

In the name of the LORD JESUS CHRIST, I thank you for hearing my prayer.  And for working in the life of (name). Amen.


What armor are you wearing? Part 1

warfarehelmetsThe armor makes a difference!

Part 1  The Armor of God

I believe there’s a battle that we can’t see going on in the world today.

God gives believers armor and weapons to wear and use as protection, and as offensive and defensive weapons against the evil one and his schemes against us.

Many picture the battle for the world as 2 near equal powers fighting for control – as if on a see-saw, where any little thing could easily tip the scale in one direction or the other.


   <-  Us  ->

God                                                  Satan




NO WAY ! !   That is far from the truth! 


As a created being, the devil is in NO WAY equal to God

not in power, stature, character, not in any way.

If you are a believer, you’re on God’s team.  The truth is: once we join Jesus’ team by accepting his free gift of salvation, we NEVER return to satan’s team.  The enemy, satan, knows this and he looks for ways to trick or discourage us to keep us sidelined and out of the game.

Ephesians 6 talks about the pieces of armor.

Paul wrote his letter to the Ephesians while in Rome, under house arrest.  He was guarded by Roman soldiers.  Every day, he saw men dressed in armor, bearing the insignia of their authority.  The Holy Spirit must have inspired his analogy of a Christian “soldier.”

Ephesians 6:10-18 tells us the armor we should have in place.

Belt of Truth – a wide, tight band around the waist, this holds pieces of armor in place, as well as the sword.  With it we are constantly girded about with the truth – God’s truth, and can recognize a lie from the evil one when it’s launched as a half-truth or outright lie.  With it we can hold anything up to compare it to scripture, the plumb line for truth.



Breastplate of Righteousness – protects our heart and vital organs (a forerunner of the bulletproof vest).  It is the righteousness of the Lord Jesus Christ that forms a protective cover that halts darts and arrows, and deflects blows directed at us.

Shoes of the Gospel of Peace – In our homes, we often remove our shoes as a sign of relaxation.  So, to put on shoes is a sign of readiness or preparedness to accept marching orders to stand for the gospel of peace we have in Christ Jesus.

spartan-1494365_640Helmet of Salvation – bears the insignia of our authority and who we serve, the army in which we fight.  It protects our heads and guards our minds so we can reject thoughts placed there by the enemy who would like nothing more than to sideline us with thoughts of fear, doubt, insecurity, or unworthiness. “as you think, so you are…” Pr 23:7 KJV.  It allows us to take every thought captive to be sure it is God’s truth before accepting it.

roman shield

Shield of Faith – not some puny little garbage can lid with a handle, but a head to toe protection, repelling the enemy’s offense – when the shield was anointed with oil it would reflect the glare of the sun and blind the enemy.  This shield covers a soldier from top to bottom, side to side and can join with others to form a wall of protection that will fend off an attacker.  On a wooden frame, its thick covering can stop projectiles and extinguish flaming arrows.


Sword of the Spirit – our offensive weapon, the WORD of GOD.  We can use the very words of scripture to fight against, repel, harm and defeat the enemy.  Jesus used these very words to overcome satan’s temptations.  There is power in the Word of God.

Wearing this Spiritual Armor prepares us for and protects us in battle.  So, arm yourself with the armor daily.

Speak each piece on in prayer. Out loud so the evil one hears you!

Here’s a sample prayer for the armor.

Lord Jesus Christ, with the belt of truth fastened around my waist, I say that I will not believe the lies satan would try to use to confuse me.  Give me clarity and an understanding of what is the truth in this situation.

The helmet of salvation I wear will guard my mind, and I take every thought captive to you.  Help me see past what the world and others tell me, to what you want to say to me.

The breastplate of righteousness I place over my chest protects my heart, so I can hear you with my mind and my heart.  I believe satan is tempting me with lies and half-truths so I will stand on Your promises and Your truths.

I wear the shoes of peace to say that I am ready to receive my marching orders  from you and to obey what you tell me to do.

I take up my shield to repel all the arguments the evil one would send against me.  Father, You have taught me right from wrong, help me cling to what is right.

I take up the sword, the Word of God, and say that satan has no power over me.  Lord, You are my Master, my Commander, my Creator, and it is you who I will follow and obey.  You have created me fearfully and wonderfully, and you alone are worthy of all my praise.

Father, anoint me with the Holy Spirit so I may truly hear and understand your words.  Send the Holy Spirit to guide me in this decision and to silence all the voices that are not from you.

In the name of the LORD JESUS CHRIST, I thank you for hearing my prayer.  I yield my will to You and wait to hear from You, listening with my heart and my spirit. Amen.


Googling God part 2

How does hearing from God work?

Physical ears

Outer ear collects sources of sound – the sound waves.  For us to “hear”:


It has to be within our range of hearing

It has to be loud enough

It has to be clear enough


hearing-106483_640Middle ear directs the sound to the ear drum where the sound is transferred from the vibrations of the ear drum to 3 little bones that conduct the sound through the cochlea where the sound is turned into nerve impulses and sent to the brain to interpret and understand what we hear.

We’ll look at 3 reasons we miss out hearing that have a spiritual similarity:

  1. we don’t hear because we aren’t listening –our ears are not pointed towards where the sound is coming from
  2. there is so much noise that the signal gets muffled or confused
  3. there is infection that needs to be cleaned out to restore our ability to hear clearly

Spiritual ears 

Our spirit hears everything our physical ears hear and our brain processes.  But there is another level of understanding that we can access with our spirit that allows us to filter messages that have a deeper spiritual meaning.


So we need to engage our spirit and focus it on listening, interpreting and understanding those meaningful messages.


  1. As with our physical ears, we need to point our spiritual ears where God is speaking.  We need to tune our spirit into God’s frequencies.

What are His frequencies?

HearGod from

The previous blog asked some specific questions and gave ideas to help you identify how to listen in some of these areas.



So the first question is: Are you tuned in and exposing yourself to the sources God is broadcasting on?

solution-2480514_640Listen to Christian sermons and podcasts.  Read the Bible.  Spend time in prayer.  Become aware of God’s Creation around you.  Examine your circumstances for what is bringing you blessing, confusion, pain.  Ask God to make you aware of how He is speaking to you and spend time in that area.

  1. Like our physical ears, the message we are trying to receive won’t be heard if there is too much other noise surrounding and masking it

chairulfajar_-655482-unsplash (1)So many things compete for our attention every day: books to read, movies to see, music to listen to, places to go where there is noise and busyness.  Advertising tries to convince you that their product is exactly what you need to solve all your problems and meet all your needs. Whether it’s insurance, a new car, or the latest tech, we are overwhelmed with media and input and our minds flooded with so many options and choices that they block out the messages God is speaking to us.

too loud

And that’s just the outside noise.  What about the inner voices you speak to yourself every day?  We are usually much more critical of ourselves and those negative voices have an impact on our ability to hear from God as well.


The next question is: Are you tuning out the world and the other voices that are clamoring for your attention so you can focus on hearing God?

solution-2480514_640There’s a simple solution.

prayer-888757_1920Before you pray, or read scripture, listen to a sermon or podcast, take a nature walk, or search your life circumstances, invite the Holy Spirit to silence all ungodly voices and distractions.  Ask that confusion, preconceived ideas, biases, and misconceptions be sent away.  And ask the Holy Spirit to reveal truth, clarify meaning, and show application to your life.

  1. The infection that needs to be treated to restore our spiritual hearing is sin.

Sin is like an infection blocking our ability to communicate with God effectively. Sometimes there is sin we are aware of that needs to be dealt with. Being willing to turn from it and ask for forgiveness is the way to remove that block to your hearing God. If you are unsure of any sin, invite God to search you and show you where sin may be causing a hearing problem, and remove it.


The question is: Have you cleaned out your spiritual ears lately?


solution-2480514_640Thankfully, God has prepared a way for our sin to be forgiven and be removed as far as the east is from the west. 

I John 1:9-10 tells us:  “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

If it would help to have a guide for personal reflection on possible sin issues, see “When Hearing is Blocked” on my main menu.

listening-3079065_640When you are ready to tune into God’s frequency, and invited the Holy Spirit to silence other noise and lead you into hearing; be prepared to be blown away!

I believe God is speaking to us any time we are willing to listen.  And I believe when He says something, it’s important enough to write it down.  Keep some kind of record of how and when you hear from God.

But don’t run off with some word you think you heard without checking it out. Hold it up against what the Bible says.  And maybe even ask other believers what they think for some confirmation.

Next time I’ll share a simple way to know if what you heard is from God.