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The answer is The Son


A friend got a frenzied call last week. It was a couple of young women he knew who found a rattlesnake had gotten onto their porch and wouldn’t leave. And they couldn’t get out of their apartment!

rattlesnake-gbbafc4e27_640My friend is a white water rescue raftsman and He went over in his van was able to coax the snake into a cooler and with a kayak paddle! They were overwhelmed with thanks and offered him dinner for a job well done.

When he left, he drove up into an uninhabited part of some mountain terrain, far from any trails to let it go. But as the evening had grown colder, the snake had become comfortable in the cooler, and refused to leave, rattling a lot to be left alone. So he put the lid back on securely and went home with the snake in his van.

CoolerThe next morning he went back to the uninhabited area, but once again, the snake refused to leave. With the lid back on he sat the cooler in the sun. After a little time, the morning sun heated up the cooler, and when he heard the rattler again, he pried the lid open, and stepped way back. The snake slithered out and took off quickly for parts unknown.

As he’s telling me all this, I’m thinking that this is just what the devil does in our lives.

hide-g0ec3d5d47_640He waits for us, right outside our door, and freezes us from taking action. He shakes his rattle to scare us, and remind us he’s there, waiting to attack if we move in his direction.

When we get help and think we’ve trapped him, he makes his home there and refuses to leave. Even in a sealed box, he is a threat we have to deal with.

clouds-gdac75cead_640In this instance, it took the power of the sun to finally convince the snake to leave.

crosses-gc040f60c5_640In our lives, it takes the power of the Son.

Genesis tells us that he, the devil, will strike His heel, but He (the Son of God) will crush his (the devil’s) head. (Genesis 3:15)

That crushing is the devil’s ultimate defeat.

Has the devil rattled you in some way? Has he frozen you to inaction?

Call a friend when you need one. And call on God’s Son.

There is power in the name of Jesus.

Son Light



Those radiant streams of mercy

that shine down from above

are full of “solar” power:

they’re God’s most perfect love.





They’re seen as dawn is breaking

with the rising of the sun

but remain invisible to most

once the day’s begun . . .



Unless a cloud is passing by

that hides the sun from view

then the rays that penetrate are seen

as they come shining through.


That’s how it is in daily life

when we forget the “Son.”

We count on Him to light our way.

The thanks we give Him: none.




We take for granted all the times

He’s sheltered us from harm

and don’t give Him a second thought

until there is a storm –



And then, as clouds are building

we search for something bright;

we need those rays of comfort,

those shafts of guiding light.





And God is always faithful,

yes, God is always true.

His radiant streams of mercy

are always there for you.

God’s thoughts are not our thoughts, His ways are not our ways

When I woke up, my throat was dry and sore. My head was stuffy and my nose was running. I began reorganizing my day so I could get the kids off to school and then snuggle back into my warm bed for several hours of recuperative rest.

There are not many things that would have thwarted this endeavor. But, when I called out to my youngest son to wake up and he responded with a raspy, croupy voice, that was one of them. I got out of bed and ran a tub full of hot water to make a steam room, and got him in there. Silently, I hoped my plans of sweet slumber would only be slightly delayed.

A trip downstairs to look at the calendar revealed that he was not buying the hot lunch selection offered at school, necessitating making him a lunch. AND that it was Band day, meaning an extra heavy load for him to carry. As I started the lunch, his friend and walking buddy phoned to say he was ready to go early. Since Collin was not ready and the steam would take a little while to work, I told his walking buddy to go on without him. Now the prospect of making him walk to school, late, alone, and carrying his trumpet was too much. The obvious solution: I should drive him.

I made his breakfast and took it on a tray upstairs to the steam room. He was sounding much better. After making his lunch and filling his backpack with various permission slips and homework papers, I resigned myself to get dressed.

In 20 minutes, he was looking, feeling, and sounding fine. With one last glance at my now coiffed covers, we were off.

my-lakeRight by the school is the lake I usually walk around for exercise and inspiration. While it had not been my plan for this morning, (remember my dreams of snugly slumber?) the fact that I was up and dressed and all the way to the school left me no acceptable excuse.

Even though walking the lake is something I really enjoy and something I know is good for me. I can come up with a myriad of excuses to avoid actually doing it. But God seems to know when I need it most. And when he wants to teach me something. Being close to nature makes me look and listen more intently to what He might have to say. So forgetting my sore throat, I began walking.

dahlia-2823975_640Not even a quarter of the way around the lake, I stopped to admire a beautiful dahlia. This tall blossom had grown huge and strong and boldly faced the sun. I remembered how many flowers bend to grow towards the sun; some even track the sun as it moves across the sky each day. I began noticing that other plants had oriented themselves towards the sun too. Not only the flowers, but some bushes had obviously sent more branches out in the direction of the sun.

What a lesson!

How often do we stand tall and face the Son? And how often do we shade ourselves a bit? Are we afraid of what His true light would reveal?

Facing the sun/Son is saying, “I am ready to receive what you will give me.” The flower receives sunlight that helps it live and grow. We receive life and growth and so much more from the Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. God is prepared to send down His grace, forgiveness, love, peace, joy, guidance, direction, protection. We need only turn to face Him.

This flower, looking full into the face of the sun, reminded me of the words to a song I love:

Turn your eyes upon Jesus

Look full in His wonderful face

And the things of the world will grow strangely dim

In the light of His glory and grace

©1922 Helen Lemmel

As I continued around the lake I realized the truth of the statement in Isaiah 55:8-9 “God’s thoughts are not our thoughts, His ways are not our ways…”. My thought had been to stay in bed, hidden from the sun. But God knew I needed the healing power of facing and focusing on the Son. Being up and out had cleared my head and encouraged me for the day. I am so glad I walked around the lake and saw that dahlia.  So glad I can trust that He knows what I need better than I do.  So can you.