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Time to Plant!

garden1It’s FINALLY that time of year where we can begin to think about planting in Colorado. We may still have freezes for a couple more weeks  – and hail is always a possibility in the Spring here. And the growing season is pretty short – we may be getting snow again by early September…

So, when looking at packets of seeds, it’s a challenge to find things that fit the dynamics of my yard.

The instructions said some do best in full sun, some in partial and some only thrive in shade.  Also, some germinate in 6-10 days while some take 20-30 days before peeking their tiny green shoots above ground.  Some can be planted a half inch apart, and some need more room to grow. 

I decided that this year my garden would do best if I follow the suggestions I got back in Sunday School so many years ago:

praying-hands-on-biblethree rows of peas
. . . Preparedness
. . . Perseverance
. . . Prayer

three rows of squash
. . . Squash gossip
. . . Squash criticism
. . . Squash grumbling

thanks tablethree rows of lettuce
. . . Let us be faithful
. . . Let us be thankful
. . . Let us love one another

and no garden is complete without turnips
. . . Turn up for church
. . . Turn up with a smile
. . . Turn up ready to serve

You reap what you sow, so sow acts of kindness, encouraging words, supportive attitudes.  And recognize that:

hugging1When you smile at someone, you are planting kindness and acceptance. 

When you play with them, you are cultivating fun and joy. 

When you give them a hug, you are fertilizing with love and security. 

hugging2When you help a friend or child learn a task, you are growing patience and success into their future.  

When you give them encouragement, you are growing confidence. 

When you share, you are seeding goodness and selflessness. 

hands-2168901_640When you pray with someone, or let them see you pray, you are sowing faithful fellowship with God. 


Be intentional about what you plant.

Everything you do is a seed of some kind. 

Choose one thing to sow into someone’s life today!