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More Lessons – from the Pool Boy

pool jump back

Like I said last week: God is always so gracious and faithful to meet me where I am.  This time, He met me as I was The Pool Boy

Life is like a swimming pool. We want to share our lives with others, but God showed me that, like a pool, we need to keep up the maintenance

Read the last post to see the first 2 lessons: You have to Skim and You have to Go Slow.

Here are 2 more things He taught me as I  enjoyed my day outside cleaning the pool.



3 – Don’t let go of your pole!

PoolboyPolePool poles have a tube within a tube to help you push debris to the drain, usually in the deep end you can’t otherwise reach.  It telescopes to be hidden when you don’t need it, and pulls out to extend your reach.  There will always be places in your pool that are beyond your reach, even with a pole.

It will be a temptation to give the underwater piles a little extra “push” to get them all the way to the drain in one pass.  Doing this almost always causes you to overstretch your reach, and move your hand down to the very tip-end of your pole.  Don’t do it!

So slippery when wet, it’s very easy to lose your grip on the pole and drop it off into the water.  It will keep going down in the last direction your pushed it; probably all the way to the bottom of the deepest part.  And you will have to go in after it; with all the dirty leaves and dead things.  Your presence in the water will stir up everything you’ve already swept, and you’ll have to wait even longer till it settles again and start over.


So use your pole – and don’t let go!

Don’t let go of the tools God has given you to handle life’s difficulties: prayer, praise, His Word, the Holy Spirit, other believers.  Problems have a way of overlapping into more than one area of your life.  These tools will extend your reach and help you get a handle on whatever lies at the bottom. Be prepared to reach into every area where problems may be: attitudes, relationships, behavior.

4 – Plan to cover twice

Things re-settle.  Often, the eddies and underwater wave action will carry things farther than you think, not where you want them.  So plan to go back over areas a second time.  Sometimes brushing in one place will cause something to be pushed into an area you already swept.  So you need a second pass.

pool-3515225_640In life, often one problem stirs up other issues.  Or as the details of circumstances settle, there are loose ends that need attention.  Issues need to be revisited to be sure what was agreed upon has actually turned out the way it was intended.  And sometimes problems arise not from the actual issue, but with the resulting emotional responses to what has happened or changed.  Review the events and results yourself, and if need be, with other people involved in the issue.


In life, as in swimming pools, everyone enjoys an inviting, refreshing, clear place to be.  To relax, to relate, to have fun.

Even with the storms of life, you can be that place for others who can them be a blessing to you.

Grab your tools.

Be the Pool Boy!