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Let God be your Treadmill

I don’t typically like treadmills. There’s no change of scenery – and since we live in such a beautiful place – I’d much rather walk outside.

My RockiesBut this summer in Colorado, the heat has been exhaustive. And with the terrible wildfires, smoke has kept the air quality so bad we have stayed mostly inside for exercise.

So I’ve been considering a treadmill to go along with my exercise bike and weight machine. And I thought – wouldn’t it be great if we had a treadmill for our lives? And imagine…if God were the guiding force behind it?

May God be your treadmill!


May He keep your feet set upon the path He has laid before you, so that you can feel confident you won’t stray from His will. But will be assured that every step you take is in the right direction, exactly in God’s plan for you and your family.

May you feel His guiding hand set the pace for you, so you don’t have to worry about anything happening too quickly or too slowly. May you have confidence in God’s timing, and know that He is protecting you from your own tendency to want to speed up or drag your feet.  And trust that He knows just when the pace needs adjusting to provide for all of your personal needs.

pexels-julia-larson-6455851May our Lord help you see and feel your progress along the way. With no change of scenery, it’s hard to know if you’re moving forward. Some treadmills have a little graphic to let you see you are advancing around an imaginary track.

If we don’t see or feel any signs of improvement, we can easily get discouraged.  We might think we aren’t making progress- but that isn’t the case.

May God, who is All-Powerful and All-Knowing and Ever-Present, who loves you and wants what is best for you, allow you to see with His eyes, from His perspective, that you are moving in the right direction.

And may He allow you to see His Angels in the midst of every spiritual battle, fighting for you, and giving you victory.

Lord God, be our treadmill. And we will give You the glory for the success of each step along the way.  And thank You for making it possible for each of us to finish the race You have set before us.

Amen, and amen.

If a Rose needs support – do I?


I bought a trellis for my rose bush this weekend.

It’s for its own good.

It gives stability for the plant’s long, gangly branches that hang down to the ground. And it provides a framework to display its beauty.

But does the rose understand what I’m doing for it?

Does it resent being tied to a frame – limiting its growth to one direction or one plane? Is it grateful for the support? The stability it offers? Will it feel different from the other plants that don’t get that kind of support?




This project caused me to think about my life and how I am like a rose bush

I want to have the freedom to go in any direction I choose or feel led. But do I need a trellis?  And would that look like for me?



book-1936547_640For me, the Bible gives me guidance, structure, some might say wisdom. But do I see it as wisdom and embrace it willingly? Always? Or sometimes, do I see it as restriction, leading me in a limited path that seemingly restricts my freedom?


I would love to say I embrace it all the time. But I have fought it, tried to get around it, occasionally wondered what my life would be had I taken a different path.

I hope, with the support of the trellis, my rose bush will stand tall, displaying its beauty and fragrance for all to enjoy.


And I hope my life will be the same. That God will be my gardener. And that I will embrace His Word to direct, guide, encourage, support and strengthen me whenever and however I need it. So that I will stand tall, displaying His honor and His grace for all to see.