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God is with us!

I believe you and I are in a new season. And I don’t mean Fall.

Our lives have been so radically changed over the past 2 years that we are finding ourselves in situations we don’t have any reference for, or know how to cope with.  We’re anxious to get on with all the things we’ve put on hold…

The leaves are turning colors and falling off the trees so it seems things should be changing. And yes, we may have added pumpkin spice to our hot drinks, but we’ve been enduring the new “normal” and so many things have stood still, like travel and social plans, while our bodies have continued to age! Wrinkles, aches and pains!  We’ve gotten older, but are we wiser for the time we’ve circled the sun twice?

Covid has had an impact on our jobs, schools, travel, finances, and personal relationships. Some of us have lost loved ones and are dealing with grief, financial strains, or new health challenges. We don’t have solutions to these problems yet … we can’t see an end in sight.

And quite honestly, may not even know how to pray.

But here’s the constant: God

God IS with us, wherever we go. Joshua 1:9

AND He will provide all that we really NEED – spiritual gifts, support, encouragement, direction – if we can remember to look for it.

2 things may confuse us though:

1 – it will be what we NEED, not necessarily what we want.

2 – it will look different than how He’s provided in the past because we are in a different place now.

I’ve been singing the words to a worship song by Jenn Johnson and Ian McIntosh  lately…

winner-4912049_640God I look to You, I won’t be overwhelmed

give me vision, to see things like You do

God I look to You, You’re where my help comes from,

give me wisdom, You know just what to do…

Click HERE to sing along

My prayer for you:

May you sense God’s presence that He has promised, in real and tangible ways.

May God give you vision and wisdom to deal with your life and circumstances.

May you see with clarity all that God brings to you – even if it looks different than you might expect.

And may you accept and act on His direction.  Amen

God meets us – right where we are

Thank You, God, for meeting me right where I am…

my-lakeI have been lamenting the fact that I can no longer walk around the lake, the beautiful lake where You spoke to me so many times and showed me things about my own life and about You through Your creation there…the birds, the flowers, the trees, the sky, the mountains. You used each one of them to convey a message to me about who You are, and who I am, and how I should live.
igarden before

And then I look at my yard and garden, and lament that I no longer have the ability to work in my garden where You spoke to me so many times through seeds, growth, planting, watering, weeding, and the beauty and abundance Your provision.

bed-1846251_960_720And even as I do this lamenting, I find myself rejoicing! For even here in my bed where I spend more and more time each day due to the loss of energy and good health, I find that You are speaking to me here too. Of resting, reflecting, readjusted, reprioritizing. And I can find delight in Your willingness and ability to reach me wherever I am, whatever the circumstances of my life.

Each time I moved out of a phase I worried I would lose the revelations and inspiration You brought me. I would cling to each stage because of the beauty and the blessing You shared with me wondering if I would ever hear from You again. The truth is, as I moved through my life You have always been there beside me whatever the stage or phase I was going through. Meeting me wherever I was and now wherever I am. And the tears flow for the time I’ve spent lamenting what I had, instead of embracing what I have.

I am finally believing that when You say You will never leave me, that’s exactly what You mean… You really mean it! That You will be with me wherever I go even if I can’t go to the same places I used to go to be with You. You will come to me.

The truth is You always did. It was never me going to You where are You were. It was always You meeting me right where I was.

I no longer need to strive to get back to those places or the circumstances where I heard from You before. In truth, You are everywhere! You are as close as a whisper, as present as the air I breathe. And whatever comes, I know now that my hearing from You is not dependent on me or my circumstances but it is, and always has been, simply a condition of who You are and that You are true to Your promises.

womanbackpackarmsraisedIs there a time you were hearing from God more clearly? Have you struggled to get back to that place or put yourself back in those circumstances?

It’s not the place or the circumstances that matter. God is right here beside you. You need only reach out and ask Him to speak to you.

man kneeling

He is not limited by your location.

He is not constrained by your circumstances.

He is only awaiting your invitation to speak into your life.

Tell God You’re listening…

Invite Him now.

Sunlight and Power 2

My last post was about my breast cancer biopsy and how God encouraged me through that.

Now it’s 2021. It’s been 3 years since my diagnosis and surgery. And I have lived in the victory over that challenge.

breast-5472788_640When I realized that I had received 5 notices to schedule my mammogram this year, it occurred to me that I might have been feeling a little anxious about it. There were 3 other good friends who went through the breast cancer surgery and decisions about treatment in 2018. Of those, one was re-diagnosed and had a double mastectomy this year with chemo and radiation. One had a stroke this past year after having been on cancer medication. And the third found a new tumor on her chest wall with her mammogram a few weeks ago.

So perhaps I was a little hesitant in making my appointment. But God is faithful – to them in helping them through their challenges; and to me, in meeting me where I was as I walked into that medical building once again.

armsoutstretchedOnce again. I looked to the sky and began a prayer of thanks and praise that brought me encouragement:

Thank You Father
for the sunlight on my face,
for the power that I feel
as I am entering this place.
Knowing You are with me
overcomes the fear and dread;
regardless where the path leads
or what may lie ahead.
I am filled with encouragement
by looking to my past;
seeing what You’ve brought me through –
the troubles did not last.
I’m a Soldier in Your Army
whatever battles I must face
I know the story’s end…
You put the devil in his place!

Are you facing a difficult challenge? Physical? Emotional? Spiritual?

There are plenty of those going around now.

Again, I suggest you look to God for your sunlight – your Son-light!

Let Him light the way for you and show you how to advance, even if you are afraid. Not knowing what lies ahead is part of the human condition. But God knows. He will prepare you and equip you to deal with it. And He will go with you.

armor-of-godEven if into a battle, He will be with you. And give you armor. And fight with you to give you victory!

Let God’s faithfulness in your past encourage you. Make a timeline of it, write in a journal, or take a page and make some notes or use pictures so you remember.

Put on the Armor of God to prepare you for battle. Ephesians 6:10-18

Appropriate His peace by focusing your mind on Him. Isaiah 26:3-4

He is there for you. As close as a prayer.

My mammogram this year was normal. I am thanking God – for His strength as I went, and for the result.

May God’s peace be upon you. May you feel His strength in whatever trials you are facing. He will meet you where you are.

Sunlight and Power


In 2018 I walked into a medical building for a biopsy after my mammogram showed something. Partly in disbelief, and partly with a “Why not me?” attitude. After all, I had walked through the process with my cousin a couple years before. And within the last 6 months 3 good friends had been diagnosed and were at varying stages of treatment.


It almost felt like God had prepared me for just this by letting me see it up close and personally. As thoughts came to me I looked up to the sky to see a beautiful blue and bright sunshine, and uttered a spontaneous thanks to God for lifting my eyes and my spirit.

The words kept coming as God encouraged me with His truth and power. I spoke them into my cell phone:

Thank You Father
for the sunlight on my face,
for the power that I feel
as I am entering this place
of Unknown futures
that await and lie ahead;
my thoughts become confused
and I sense a sense of dread.
But my spirit soars
over victories I see;
all the many times You fought
and won the day for me.
I am clothed with a power
that I’m confident outlasts
whatever Satan throws at me,
whatever evil blast
might try to distract me
from the peace I know you give
and the confidence and trust I’ve placed
in You the while I live

Are you going through a challenging time?  A dIfficult diagnosis? Facing a hardship not of your own making?

Look to God for your sunlight – your Son-light. Think back to times when God was there for you.

Recall His faithfulness in the past. Write it down.

Ask God to clothe you with His power.

Put on the Armor of God  Ephesians 6:10-18

Appropriate His peace by focusing your mind on Him  Isaiah 26:3-4

He won’t disappoint you.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Surgery got what was there. God walked by my side through the whole process. He gave me peace. And I still have it.

May the peace of God be upon you. May He strengthen you with His power. May He make a way where there seems to be no way. Amen

Grateful for 2020 Vision!


I have a LOT to be thankful to God for from 2019.  And I wonder if you do too?




I want to be sure to start this year off on the right foot.  And I believe that foot should be in the humble position of kneeling before the throne of God to voice my thanks.


The lyric to a song God gave me long ago echoes in my mind.  It was

“Thank You, Lord, for being there for me every time I knew I had a need of Thee.
And thank you Lord, for being there for me when I did not know there was need.”



There were many times this past year when I definitely felt a need that I brought to the Lord.  Often, only after I had wrestled with the problem alone; and found myself unable to resolve it.

Even in the midst of serious health issues, relationship missteps, family squabbles, the consequential results of a horrible accident, more serious health issues, discouragement, feeling overwhelmed, the burial of a beloved family member, and the realization of the loss of ability and opportunity with aging; God met me where I was and led me out into a space where I could be grateful for the blessings He had provided.

You have probably survived 2019 with a similar list of trials and challenges you faced.  From the 20/20 perspective of this New Year, are you seeing some things clearer?

Can you thank God for being with you through the challenges you faced?  Can you see any positive outcomes from the struggle?


I have 3 prayer partners who meet regularly to pray for each other and for our children.  Our group grew out of and is based on Moms In Prayer International.  Google that organization to find a model for your prayer time, and maybe connect with others who pray in your area.  We write down things we pray for and scriptures we pray over our children.  When I began looking over the notes from 2019, I had so many things to thank God for.

grateful for



That made a good start.  But then the next line in the song grabbed me and I began seeing things that we didn’t pray for, but that God protected us or our children from. Injuries and illnesses that didn’t happen!  Accidents that didn’t occur!  Temptations they didn’t fall into.  All the times we traveled and arrived safely at our destinations.  Family events that went smoothly.  Relationships that flowed evenly without misunderstandings or arguments arising.

And the thanks and praises flowed!

calendar-660670_640 (1)


Before this month is over, let me encourage you to set aside a time of review and thanks.  If you don’t have prayers you prayed jotted down, look at a calendar to think and remember your way through the year.

Or light a candle, breathe in the aroma, close your eyes and ask God to bring to mind things you are grateful for:  family, jobs, friends, home, sanity, health, support, mobility, breath.  He will show you.

Or start a thankfulness page.  Think back as far as you can remember and list the ways you can see God had a hand on your life and used people and circumstances to bring you to a saving knowledge of Him.  Or start with today and make entries as you think of things to be grateful for.

I am praying for you – that this will be a year of 20/20 Vision for you to be able to see God’s blessings and His activity in your life; from the time you were very young, throughout your lifetime, over this last year, today, and in all your tomorrows.

So you can sing with me:

Chorus – Thank You Lord for being there for me
Every time I knew I had a need of Thee
And thank You Lord for being there for me
When I did not know there was need

Verse 1 – It’s so easy to thank You Lord for what we see
Like healing an illness or an injury
Or when You circumvent certain tragedy
It’s so easy to thank You Lord

Verse 2 – I want to thank You for all the things I cannot see
For all the trouble You have kept from me
And for Your angels watching over me
I want to thank You Lord


Verse 3 – It’s so easy when I think I have the perfect plan
And think I have the situation well in hand
And then the rug is pulled from under me and down I land
And I need to thank You Lord

Bridge – For my life could have been a lot worse, been a lot harder
But I have felt You there
Managing the pain, helping me in sorrow
You kept it at a level I could bear – – I know You were there

Chorus a capella