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Use your Panic Button

panic-button-1375953_640Wouldn’t it be great if we all came equipped with a “Panic Button”?

We could press our buttons to send out a message that says, “Please come quickly, I need help.”


panic key1


I remember when cars first came out with built-in car alarms and that button on the key fob that said “Panic.”  A small, black piece of plastic housed the advanced ability to lock and unlock your car doors from a distance, and set or set off  the alarm.

If you pressed the button a loud, fairly high-pitched sound came from the car that people all around could hear.

There have been times when I sounded the “Panic” button just for fun, and times when I needed help in locating my car in a large parking lot.  Thankfully though, I have never had a real emergency where I needed to use it to summon police or other assistance.


But it started me thinking . . . What a wonderful gift it would be to have the assistance we need at the push of a button.

How many times have you really needed some help, but didn’t ask someone?

 Do you keep piling on responsibilities until you are at your breaking point?  A lot of us do.

Do you try and make it look like you have it all together and are in control, when nothing could be further from the truth?

Do you just collapse in a heap feeling overwhelmed and hopeless?

The truth is, we all DO have amazing resources we can use as “panic buttons.”

call-us-1817506_640More often than not, people you have met and connected with are ready and willing to help you when they can.  And it is totally OK to ask for help.

You may need practice saying the words “I really need some help.”  Or “Can you help me?”

Practice by saying it to your children. It will teach them that it’s ok to ask for help, and will also give them the joy of being able to help you.

superhero-2503808_640Practice by saying it to your husband or wife. The truth is, they WANT to help you; to be your Superman, your Wonder Woman, your hero.

Practice by saying it to a friend.  You’ll be surprised how willing people are to help you if you ask.

But your best resource is God.  In the Psalms, the Bible tells us He is our ever-present help in trouble, our refuge, our strength.  Psalm 46:1


We need only call out to Him.   Romans 10:13 tells us For everyone who calls upon the name of the LORD will be saved. 

If you don’t have a personal relationship with God, know that He loves you, and He is waiting to hear from you.  He will not force His way into your life, but will wait for you to ask Him to come in.


You can do that in a simple prayer.  Prayer is just talking to God.  Sometimes out loud, sometimes silently in your heart.  You can do it on your own, any time, and He will respond.  You can also talk to a pastor or Christian if you want to know more or have questions.

prayer conversations candle

As our Savior, our Lord Jesus Christ knows what we need, and is waiting to be asked for His help.  We are also told that He grants wisdom to all who ask in faith for it, and that when we call on Him, He will answer us and tell us great and marvelous things which we do not know.

He has resources that we can’t even imagine.  And He wants to give us good things.  He has a plan for our lives, to prosper us and not to harm us; to give us a hope and a future.

It’s OK to call for help. Ask friends, they will respond to you.

Push your button.

Call on the Lord.

He will answer.

another Mother’s Day

Proverbs 31 tells us “A woman of noble character, who can find, she is worth far more than rubies…



My mother is that kind of woman. She:

planned and carried out personalized, theme birthday parties, complete with homemade designer cakes




Sewed most of my clothes (some of which I actually liked) including 3 squads of Cheerleading uniforms and bridesmaid dresses for my wedding that she made after cutting her own patters from sketches she made

If they awarded frequent driver miles – for driving me to school, practices, games, lessons, the pool and friends houses, she would have earned several trips around the world

And has probably spent years just waiting on me, at piano lessons, sports games, doctor’s offices, cheerleading practices and more



She stayed up all night with me typing a high school term paper

She was a Girl Scout leader who camped and cooked and worked on merit badges with us

My mother is a wonderful friend to other women. She modeled for me, the kind of friend I want to be. She showed me the importance of women sharing together, encouraging one another, doing ‘life’ together.


She taught me that motherhood is a profession…and an honorable one.

She showed me the value of giving to others out of the goodness and bounty which God has given us, and the value of volunteering to benefit even those you don’t know, to build community.

She showed me the values of loving God, loving my country, and loving my family.

I am very proud of her, and thank God for her, and miss her a lot these last six Mother’s Days without her.