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How do you Shine?

Philippians 2:15 Then you will shine among them like stars in the sky 

jesus-and-worldGod made the universe and He made you. He made different kinds of heavenly bodies. He made the earth. The earth is a planet and it does not shine. It can be seen in space because of the light that shines on it.

He made the moon. It is a satellite, and it does not shine. It can be seen because of the light it reflects.

moon starsHe made the stars. Stars shine.

They have the ability to be seen because of what God put inside them. That which is in them allows them to shine. It’s the same with you! What God has put in you allows you to shine.

How do you shine?

We can look at each letter in the word SHINE.

box-159630_640S stands for Spiritual gifts. If you are a Christian God has given you at least one spiritual gift. These gifts are given to individuals in the body of Christ for the purpose of edifying the body. The more you use your gift the more it will be developed and when you use your gifts you will feel like you were meant for that purpose. It’s very fulfilling as opposed to doing things that just drain you and you feel like you’re not good at.

You can google spiritual gifts and find a Christian website that will help you discover what your gift is and then ask God to show you how you can use that gift in a local body of believers – a church.

cardiac-gc09e0931a_640H stands for your Heart. Each one of us is created differently. And we each have specific interests that we are passionate about, that our heart beats faster when we think about or talk about them.

Can you think of one or two things that you’re passionate about – that you have a “heart” for? Something you would stay up late to talk to someone else about? Or get up early for? It doesn’t have to be a spiritual thing it could be an activity or cause. Write down things that come to mind and seek ways to connect with other people with similar hearts.

sunset-2535751_640I is for your Inner self, your personality, how you’re wired. You probably have a good idea about your personality, it helps you understand how you best relate to others. You don’t want to force yourself to be an extrovert and entertain a large group of people if God created you as an introvert and you relate best to one or two at a time.

Have confidence in the strengths God has given you in your personality and use them. Be willing to stretch yourself but don’t feel like you have to become a different person. God made you the way He did for a reason. And He is pleased with how He made you.

to-learn-g3a51bf6d4_640N – and this is a stretch, but bear with me here – stands for your KNowledge. Is there something you have been schooled or trained to know how to do? Is there something you’ve researched, or learned about growing up? Maybe you have skills or abilities that you never had to work at to learn. Or maybe you took lessons – Cooking? An Instrument? Voice?

Identify some of your abilities and skills and look for an opportunity to share with others who may want or need this information or skill.

E stands for Experience. Sometimes positive and sometimes negative experiences will connect us to other people. Something you’ve been through will help you identify with the needs of someone else because you can relate to what they’re going through. Much better than someone who has not experienced it.

star-gdc410a202_640God made you to shine in a specific way

like no one else on earth.

No one else can be you.

Don’t try and be someone else.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Accept yourself as the star that God created you to be

and SHINE !