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HOPE ! for 2021


I once coined a definition of HOPE to be Hanging Onto Pending Expectations.

With Covid I suspended most of my expectations for the year 2020.  Did you too?

Did things you had expected to achieve, celebrate, and get done during the year get moved to a back burner and then reevaluated or even canceled as the pandemic went on and on?

It seems odd to me then, that now, many of those expectation have returned, upgraded to a “pending” status.

What seems strange, is that we are in a worse place now with Covid cases than we were in the spring and summer – when we thought we were in the middle of the pandemic and close to it being over.


Is it simply because the calendar page has been turned there is more hope?


God designed this world and put us in it to learn from it. To learn about Him and to learn about ourselves. And one thing we see here is the cycle of seasons. There is a time and a purpose for different seasons here on the earth and also in our lives.


We have a time to blossom, a time to grow and be fruitful, time to let go of and harvest, a time to rest and regroup and store energy for the next coming season of blossoming, productiveness and fruitfulness. It’s an ongoing cycle.

So there has been an imposed season of rest during this coronavirus for many of us.

I have lot of respect for and appreciate those Frontline workers who have kept our grocery stores open, our streets safe, our water and electricity running, and our hospitals working to help and heal people. If you are one of those, thank you!

But for many of us it has been a time of sequestering. I’m living within the walls of our home with no immune system, minimizing outside exposure while awaiting a kidney transplant. And although I don’t know when, I’m hopeful there will be an end to the down time.

Not for the sake of getting back to what we used to call normal. But because I trust what I’ve learned by observing this beautiful world that God has given us. That something more is coming.

As I look out the window from my exercise bike every morning I appreciate blue – the blue of the sky that was taken away for many weeks with the gray of smoke and falling ash from wildfires in my state. I appreciate green – although the grass has turned yellow and brown, the pine trees are a deep green and remind me of life.


Many people have expressed a newfound appreciation for things we used to take for granted.  How about you?

What are you thankful for – even in this time of loss?

When the time comes, I believe we will bring all the stored-up wisdom from the lessons learned in our down time, and move forward into a new productive time – seeing all the blessings God has placed in and around our lives.

Jeremiah spoke these famous words to a people who were going into captivity.  Theirs was to last 70 years.  I believe our time will be over sooner than that.

Here lies our HOPE:  “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  Jeremiah 29:11


Can’t stop Spring!

We all know how different this March and April have been.



Businesses have been and are still closed down.  Many people are out of work and at home.  Playgrounds are empty and schools are closed with kids of all ages getting their lessons on line at home.

park-closed-5027657_640Restaurants that have been able to stay open and grocery stores are making home deliveries as we are all staying in to minimize our exposure to the coronavirus.

Church services have gone on line.  As have meetings of all sorts.

We’ve all talked about what we miss about this Shelter in Place response to the pandemic:

going to a restaurant or getting coffee with friends,

seeing a movie at the theater,

attending sporting events – or even watching sports on TV,

and most of all visiting with friends, family and loved ones complete with HUGS, HUGS and more HUGS.


But it’s interesting to me, as I take my short walk around the neighborhood, hands in my pockets, wearing my mask, avoiding every other person but waving from a safe distance; that Spring has not been stopped!



Now that most of our snow is over, there are tulips, jonquils, and daffodils blooming in gorgeous color!

No one told the flowers to “shelter in place” in the ground.  Or to avoid groups of more than 5 or 10.  Buds have appeared on the trees.  And they are not waiting for social restrictions to be lifted before they come out.


Our rose bushes are sending out runners, and the ground cover is emerging with lush greens and tiny blossoms ready to burst.


I’ve seen insect life slowly returning, hawks swooping through the yard.  And yesterday, a butterfly!  A sure sign that Spring is here.


Our pastor spoke today about butterflies.  They spend part of their life cycle sequestered alone in a chrysalis.  During that time, maturity takes place that will serve the pupa well in its life as a butterfly.

We seem to be in a chrysalis of sorts.  How are we investing in our maturity that will benefit us when we are able to be out and about again?

And time is marching on, whether we are participating in our usual activities or not.

So 2 thoughts:


1– With time marching on, how are you making the most of the time you have on your hands?  Are you finding ways to keep connected with those people and things that are important to you?  Not knowing how long this social distancing is going to last, don’t wait for it all to be over before you reach out to others.

2 – What are you learning and how are you growing in ways that will contribute to your maturity when this stage is over?  What will you take from your chrysalis into the next phase of your life?

Enjoy this Spring.

From a bedroom window, a front door, a back porch, a short walk.

Time marches on…

Don’t miss it!

Happy Easter!

March snow 2016

No doubt this was an Easter unlike any you have ever celebrated.  In Colorado we had snow, which is not unusual.  (this picture is actually from a few years ago – today we only had like 3 inches but more on the way)

But the hustle and bustle was definitely missing.   And seeing family and friends at church.

No new clothes, no egg hunts or even Easter baskets because we’ve done no shopping for several weeks.  We’ve only ordered what we absolutely needed and gratefully tipped delivery people for bringing them to our door.

Some of our family have been able to keep working from home and some have lost their jobs.  Some are very high risk and some are not but have chosen to stay at home to protect the rest.

A couple of us are retired, and feel blessed for that.  But some of us were dealing with additional stresses and barely hanging on even before the coronavirus hit.

grandparents-1131890_640We are connecting, probably like you, with skyping, Zooming and lots of phone calls.  But it isn’t the same.

I have talked with a lot of people who have cleaned, and organized, and started indoor exercise programs.  Others who have begun to read those books they’ve had stacked in the corner for a long time.  Some are on call to help others get groceries and needed supplies or take a neighbor to the hospital.  And some friends have become famous on Facebook for doing videos on gardening and cooking shows, sewing face masks, and encouraging us all.

worship-4088561_640Most of them have brought up that they have made some kind of inspirational re-connection with their spiritual life.  Whether it’s reading the Bible every day now, or making time to pray – especially for good health and friends who are sick or in the hospital – or simply seeking time with their creator to hear from Him through nature or these circumstances.

Let me encourage you to do the same.  Just set aside some time where you can be alone and quiet.  If you need to set the stage by being inside or outside, anywhere you can relax is fine.  Some like a candle with a pleasing aroma.  Some like a water fountain bubbling.  Some like music, others, total quiet.  Some like to start by reading scripture to focus their mind on God or singing a praise song.

Then, when you feel calm, simply ask the Lord to speak to you.  To share something with you.  Ask that He open you spiritual eyes and ears to see and hear whatever He would choose to reveal to you.

I am praying that you will Hear More From God.  And that He will give you the wisdom and discernment to understand what He is communicating to you.

Leaving you with this youtube video of a lighthearted, inspirational take-off of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” Written by Kristi Bothur and originally named “How the Virus Stole Easter.