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Do you want to bless and be blessed?

I believe we all want to be blessed.

detective-1424831__340But I don’t know that we really understand what that word means?

Merriam-Webster says it means having a sacred nature, holy, or connected with God. Or very welcome or pleasant.

A Greek word I learned for blessed is “makarios” translated as being supremely fortunate. I remember it because it reminds me of that happy dance that became a craze in the 90s – the macarena.

macarenaBut that too has a connotation of just being happy. And like the difference between happiness and joy – with the one being dependent on your circumstances, and the other being an inner emotion based on something deeper and more meaningful, I think “blessed” means more than just happy.

Several places in the Bible tell us about those who are blessed, or how to be blessed. I want to start off the year focusing on being blessed and blessing others. I’m asking God to help me be attentive to how I can bless those He brings across my path, and to be sure I’m doing what I should to be blessed by Him.

praying-hands-on-bibleYou are invited to pray Psalm 1 with me to step into His blessing as well. Based on Psalm 1:1 from The Voice translation and the Amplified Bible:

Heavenly Father, do not let me follow the advice of those who delight in wicked schemes, who plan harm to others or act with evil intent. Regardless of what the culture tells me or encourages me to do or think, I want to seek Your wisdom for my life, my actions, my decisions.

Don’t let me hang out at places where people mock You, are judgmental, rude, or sarcastic, belittling others. Guard my speech so I don’t join in with them or even enjoy their company.

And keep me from taking the easy way that temptation and sin offer so I can grow the way You intended…with all I need to be fruitful and hardy, regardless of the circumstances I face.

Thank You for Your blessing on me and on my life. Help me see when You are helping me and blessing me. And show me how to share that blessing with others. Amen

So I may not feel like dancing all the time, but I do want to be blessed. And learn more about being intentional and consistent in blessing others.

SPRINKLE_Prayer-Blessing_COV_RB_10-21-2021 (1)Check out my book, it’s a 40 Day Prayer Guide  – Praying a Blessing for Others: Powerful day-by-day prayers inviting God to forever change a life

In 1 minute a day, you can bless others with the written prayers, or pray them for yourself.

Psalm 1:1-3 The Voice; Psalm 1:1-3 Amplified Bible

Macarena photo by the Australian Paralympic Committee

Who wants to be blessed?

Godbless you

And what does that even mean anymore?

When someone sneezes and we say “Bless you!” is it just a conditioned response?  Or are we really conveying a spiritual consecration?




In scripture, there was a special blessing spoken over the people of Israel once a year by the High Priest.  A Hebrew teacher who goes by The Rabbi’s son teaches the full meaning behind the 6 verbs that make up 6 separate elements of blessedness in this Aaronic Blessing found in Numbers 6:24-26.


As I was growing up, it was sung over me every Sunday in the Military Chapel we attended on the Army bases where we lived.  Whether in Arkansas, Arizona, or France it provided a sense of how constant God’s love and protection was over me.  But I never understood the full breadth of it’s beautiful meaning until studying with this Rabbi’s Son.

Here is a more complete translation of these holy words:

May the Holy One infuse you with unlimited potential and empowerment and release you from restrictions and limitations preventing you from reaching the fullness of your potential to participate in your divine purpose.

May He zealously cherish and treasure you, diligently defending and keeping watch over you to protect and save you.

May the light of His innermost being and essence illuminate you physiologically and spiritually, impacting your body, mind, soul and spirit with His warming, healing, soothing, restorative, empowering and constantly renewing energy.

May the Holy One give you what you really need, not out of pity, benevolence, generosity or some misguided thought that you have earned it, but because He has promised, as the stronger covenant partner, to strengthen you and enable you to reach your potential and enjoy the covenant He entered into with you, when you accepted Him as Savior.

 May He come out of the Holy of Holies to be present with you so you can experience true spiritual reality.

And may He place in and establish in you wholeness, wellness, purposeful living in joy, with abundant provision, harmony, safety, security summed up in the Hebrew word ‘peace.’


Perhaps you’ve heard this sung on you tube or facebook recently.  Several performances have been released lately as a response to the pandemic.  Here’s the link to one of my favorites:

Click here.

And if you want to read more about The Rabbi’s Son, go to: https://biblicallifestylecenter.org

Here is the scripture in Hebrew and English:

The “Priestly Blessing”

Y’varechecha Adonai

[May the Holy One bless you]


[and zealously cherish and keep watch over  you]

Ya’er Adonai panav elecha

[May the Holy One’s Face shine upon you]


[and shower you with grace]

Yisa Adonai panav elecha

[May the Holy One lift up His countenance upon you]

v’yasem lecha shalom

[and may He give you wholeness, wellness, security, abundant provision, and peace].

[Numbers 6:24-26]


God Bless You!