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Sunlight and Power


In 2018 I walked into a medical building for a biopsy after my mammogram showed something. Partly in disbelief, and partly with a “Why not me?” attitude. After all, I had walked through the process with my cousin a couple years before. And within the last 6 months 3 good friends had been diagnosed and were at varying stages of treatment.


It almost felt like God had prepared me for just this by letting me see it up close and personally. As thoughts came to me I looked up to the sky to see a beautiful blue and bright sunshine, and uttered a spontaneous thanks to God for lifting my eyes and my spirit.

The words kept coming as God encouraged me with His truth and power. I spoke them into my cell phone:

Thank You Father
for the sunlight on my face,
for the power that I feel
as I am entering this place
of Unknown futures
that await and lie ahead;
my thoughts become confused
and I sense a sense of dread.
But my spirit soars
over victories I see;
all the many times You fought
and won the day for me.
I am clothed with a power
that I’m confident outlasts
whatever Satan throws at me,
whatever evil blast
might try to distract me
from the peace I know you give
and the confidence and trust I’ve placed
in You the while I live

Are you going through a challenging time?  A dIfficult diagnosis? Facing a hardship not of your own making?

Look to God for your sunlight – your Son-light. Think back to times when God was there for you.

Recall His faithfulness in the past. Write it down.

Ask God to clothe you with His power.

Put on the Armor of God  Ephesians 6:10-18

Appropriate His peace by focusing your mind on Him  Isaiah 26:3-4

He won’t disappoint you.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Surgery got what was there. God walked by my side through the whole process. He gave me peace. And I still have it.

May the peace of God be upon you. May He strengthen you with His power. May He make a way where there seems to be no way. Amen

Let God be your Treadmill

I don’t typically like treadmills. There’s no change of scenery – and since we live in such a beautiful place – I’d much rather walk outside.

My RockiesBut this summer in Colorado, the heat has been exhaustive. And with the terrible wildfires, smoke has kept the air quality so bad we have stayed mostly inside for exercise.

So I’ve been considering a treadmill to go along with my exercise bike and weight machine. And I thought – wouldn’t it be great if we had a treadmill for our lives? And imagine…if God were the guiding force behind it?

May God be your treadmill!


May He keep your feet set upon the path He has laid before you, so that you can feel confident you won’t stray from His will. But will be assured that every step you take is in the right direction, exactly in God’s plan for you and your family.

May you feel His guiding hand set the pace for you, so you don’t have to worry about anything happening too quickly or too slowly. May you have confidence in God’s timing, and know that He is protecting you from your own tendency to want to speed up or drag your feet.  And trust that He knows just when the pace needs adjusting to provide for all of your personal needs.

pexels-julia-larson-6455851May our Lord help you see and feel your progress along the way. With no change of scenery, it’s hard to know if you’re moving forward. Some treadmills have a little graphic to let you see you are advancing around an imaginary track.

If we don’t see or feel any signs of improvement, we can easily get discouraged.  We might think we aren’t making progress- but that isn’t the case.

May God, who is All-Powerful and All-Knowing and Ever-Present, who loves you and wants what is best for you, allow you to see with His eyes, from His perspective, that you are moving in the right direction.

And may He allow you to see His Angels in the midst of every spiritual battle, fighting for you, and giving you victory.

Lord God, be our treadmill. And we will give You the glory for the success of each step along the way.  And thank You for making it possible for each of us to finish the race You have set before us.

Amen, and amen.

Are you a Trapeze Artist?


They fly through the air with the greatest of ease. Into the steadfast arms of their catcher. It’s a spectacular looking feat as we watch overhead. But what are their thoughts in midair? What would your thoughts be?

pendulumphysicsIt’s a simple lesson in physics, really. The arcs of two swinging bars affected by gravity and centrifugal force overlap one another in a totally predictable pattern. When started at the appropriate time, there is no doubt that the other bar with your catcher will be in the right spot for transfer when the arcs intersect.

Yet actually letting go of one bar completely, seems to require more than a mental understanding of the physics involved.

What’s holding you back is the feeling in the pit of your stomach; the nauseous excitement that makes your heart beat faster and your palms sweat. That is the reality governing your actions, or inaction, at the moment of letting go.

As I was about to lose my job of many years, I felt like God gave me the vision of being a trapeze artist. I had been swinging on one bar for a long time, just back and forth, easy, breezy. And God was showing me that if I would let go of that, He would be there to catch me from another bar.

I loved my work. It had become a big part of my identity. Yet I felt He was saying it was time to move on to something different. That I would have a new, equaling rewarding purpose. But I’d have to let go of what I had been holding on to.

Is God reaching out to you with something new?

What do you need to let go out so you can grab the next good thing He has for you?

trapeze-2It was hard, but I let go. And in His faithfulness, He was there. With all that came next, it was absolutely the right move, although I couldn’t see it when I let go.

He even gave me a fun song to sing as it was happening.

I’m no trapeze artist

I can’t let go

Clingin’ to this swingin’ bar

Is all I know

What was I thinkin’

Climbin’ off the ground

Grabbin’ onto this ol’ bar

Just to hang around

But the longer I stay swingin’ way up here

It seems to be the natural thing to do

The world has dropped away and the air is clear

And I’m wonderin’ if it could be true . . .

That – I’m a trapeze artist

Can’t wait to go

Swingin’ high up in the air

Oh what a show !

I’m doin’ flips, watch me

I’m spinnin’ ‘round

My God is catchin’ me

He’s my solid ground!

Ask God for the courage to let go when He offers you something new.
He IS your solid ground!

Waiting on the Lord Part 3

How’s it going?  Do you still feel like you’re “waiting on the Lord?”

Is there a possibility that you have gotten off track and aren’t in a place where you can hear Him?


I had a dream where I was driving down the interstate.  I got off at an exit and sat there asking God which direction to go.  Should I go left towards the town, right up the frontage road, straight into the parking lot of a restaurant?

I sat and sat asking God what to do – which direction did He want me to go??  I was ready to be obedient and wanted to hear from Him.  I waited and waited….Silence.

highway-6501618_640My mind began to float up, out of the car so I could look down on myself – kind of like that feeling you get when you have a fever and your head floats up to the ceiling…  Anyway, I could see myself sitting at the intersection in the car.  I floated higher and could see the exit ramp from the interstate and surrounding area like a map laid out under me.

I floated even higher until I could see back to the exit I had passed and ahead to the next one.  That’s where I saw Him – God!

exit-44205_640He was waiting for me up at the next exit.  It was as if I could hear Him saying “When is she gonna get here?  I’m waiting to give her guidance if she would only get here…”

I had jumped the gun!  I had not listened for where to get off – I just wanted directions for which way to go in my current circumstances – without even stopping to ask if I was in the right place to begin with!

When I awoke, I had a new perspective.  I had felt the frustration of “waiting on the Lord” while He was, no doubt, feeling some frustration in waiting on me!

Kneeling-in-aweAre you where He wants you to be?

Stop. Drop. Pray.

Ask the Lord to show you where He is, and where you need to be.

And see if you need to make a course correction in order to get yourself to the place where He has blessings waiting for you.

Waiting on the Lord Part 2


Are you still waiting?

Chances are you are waiting on something. And yes, it can be encouraging to know that other people are waiting too, that all this waiting is actually part of our being human. But knowing there are some things that just aren’t within our control doesn’t make the waiting any easier.

Can you remember a time before we all had cell phones? I was very pregnant and traveling with our 4 and 8 year olds, coming home from visiting my parents. Very long flight. My husband had said call when we got in to the airport and he would pick us up.

airport-2123274_640I found a pay phone and called to say we were here, and went to get our bags, then we all walked to the passenger pick up and waited with our luggage outside exhausted. The kids were tired and hungry and hot but we waited; standing, sitting, chatting…

After waiting an hour, I was worried. The trip from our house was usually only 45 minutes. At the risk of missing him, I gathered the boys and our bags and went inside to find another pay phone. My husband hadn’t even left yet! I just about collapsed.

Even leaving right then, it would take at least another 45 minutes to get to the airport – then another 45 minutes to get back home!


Nothing else to do but wait.

So I decided that to keep the boys engaged and in better spirits, we would make up games and silly songs to fill the time. We made up a new song called “It can be fun to wait.” In the song we counted, marched, sang our ABCs. We made a memory.

Now, when I am waiting alongside other people, they all pull out their cell phones and focus on them. Me, I turn to prayer. There are always people or circumstances on my mind that I can talk to the Lord about. And now that we wear masks in many public places where I wait, I can even pray quietly and no one can see my lips moving.

Through this, and so many other times I could tell you about, God showed me that time spent waiting can be purposeful. It can be prayerful. It can be “praise-ful.” And all those things can help us be patient.

blur-1867402_640Later He gave me this song. I still sing it when I’m challenged to “wait on the Lord.” It helps remind me that I need to use whatever time I have to praise Him. For who He is. For what He has done. When I use waiting time to pray, it helps me be patient. I feel like there’s purpose in it.

Try praise and prayer next time you find yourself waiting for something.

Chorus 2 X:  I can wait patiently

I can wait prayer-fully

I can wait praise-fully

For God knows what I need and He provides for me

As I wait I will praise my God

and the wonderful things He has done

I will praise Him for all creation

The earth and the stars and the sun

As I wait I will praise His name

Holy and Mighty is He

I thank Him for sending salvation

Salvation for you and for me

Chorus 2 X:  I can wait patiently

I can wait prayer-fully

I can wait praise-fully

For God knows what I need and He provides for me

And sometimes I even still sing the silly “it can be fun to wait” song too.

Because, sometimes, now, it can be fun to wait!