Alone with God

note-42883_640Last time’s challenge was to get alone with God.  To make uninterrupted time to speak to and hear from Him.  If you missed it, read it below this post, dated Feb 28.

I am praying that if you weren’t able to do it during the last 2 weeks, that you will do it this week.  It still blows me away, that our God – who created the universe, set the sun, moon and stars in the sky, thought up and intricately made every person, plant, animal, bird, fish and insect, desires to hear from each of us. That He listens to us. That He speaks to us. That He desires a relationship with us, is mindful of us and cares for us, reminds me that He is indeed a majestic God!  Click here to Read Psalm 8.

writing-g2f7adf461_640I was able to set aside some time this past week, even as an attack was forming against me. God heard my concerns and was able to share with me, encourage me, strengthen me.  I wrote down what I believe He was telling me.  When I hear something I believe is from God, I write it down so I don’t forget it – after all, if the Creator of the Universe speaks, it’s probably pretty important.

And I check it against scripture to see if it agrees with what God has already said there. Because I don’t believe he will ever contradict Himself.

What I was feeling were symptoms of a physical and medical nature, and was having trouble seeing beyond the week and concerned about long-term outcomes. You may be going through something similar, or may be facing some challenge that is very different.  But I believe what God said to me, may benefit you too.

underground-885206_640 (1)He first expressed that He could see me as I am, warts and weaknesses and all.  And that He still cared for me. He could hear the thoughts I’d been having, and sense my concerns.  And He was pleased that I was turning to Him for strength, comfort and reassurance, looking for a spiritual answer to a spiritual issue dealing with a medical concern and physical disease.

As I hold up what He said to scripture, I can see it’s what He had already told me there.  That He would protect me and I would not be overcome or overwhelmed by this disease.  Read Isaiah 43 here.

man-2037255_640Also that He has already prepared me to face what lies before me in my body, my mind and my spirit.  Isaiah 40:29 says “He gives strength to the weary and increase the power of the weak.” And  Read Philippians 1:5-6 here.

And not to fear because He is my God who is with me, loves me, and will fight for me to give me Victory!  Read Deuteronomy 20:3-4 here.

I believe He will speak to you also – It’s as simple as talking with God. Listening for His response. You can tell Him anything.

Whisper your fears
Yell your frustrations
Rage against your circumstances.
He can take it all.

As you wait – worship. Open your heart to Him. And He will fill it!


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