Standing on a Precipice?

precipice2Have you ever felt like you’re standing on the edge of a Precipice?  And you feel like God brought you here for a purpose?  And you feel like that purpose is to jump? 

But you’re not sure if what you have on your back is a parachute or a backpack?

That’s where I was.


Our Pastor had been teaching on Keeping in Step with the Holy Spirit.

At the beginning of the meeting he said that he sensed this would be a time of revelation and revival for some of us in the room – that God would be speaking to some of us there tonight about listening to and not quenching the Holy Spirit.

worship and bandDuring the next song, instead of singing the words, I asked the Holy Spirit to speak to me –I wanted to hear a word of direction. I said I was listening and would be obedient to follow. I asked God to silence all the other voices trying to speak to me that were not from Him – pressure, fear, insecurity, fear of failure – fear of success.

After the presentation that night, we broke into small groups and I became increasingly emotional as we talked about what was following or quenching the Holy Spirit.

I asked the group – “What if we don’t mean to quench the Holy Spirit, but we don’t feel like we have the gifts or personality to move forward when a door is opened? Is that a good reason to say no?”

Guess what they said?  If God has opened a door, He will provide what you need.  What He ordains, He sustains!

“What if it’s expensive?” That’s no excuse they told me.

praying hands“What if I’m afraid?” Then do it afraid they said. God will be with you!

By this time I was in tears. And they prayed for me.

In the following days, God answered those prayers by bringing to my mind songs, scriptures, prayers, and even a vision.

I was convinced to move forward – to take the leap.

Guess what?  It was a parachute!


What about you?  Do you have a decision, opportunity or question for the Holy Spirit?

Here are some steps that may help you connect.

  • Stir up Holy SpiritGet alone where you can talk and listen
  • Music may help or not – you’re listening for the Holy Spirit, not the words to a song
  • Say out loud that you want to hear from God and are listening
  • Ask God to quiet any voices that are not from Him
  • When you hear something, write it down
  • Check with another believer to be sure what you heard
    • agrees with what the Bible says
    • will produce the Fruit of the Spirit in your life
    • will strengthen or benefit your relationship with God

May God speak to you, lead and direct you with clarity and focus you understand, and strengthen you through the Holy Spirit. 


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