In God’s garden everyone has a time to bloom!

Looking around my garden on what seems like a Fall day, even though some Summer weather is still hanging on, I appreciate what I’ve seen over these last months

bloom-blooming-blossom-355663My crocus and tulips are the first to stick their green leaves and colorful heads above the soil in the Spring… actually when it’s still Winter! Their simple beauty dots my garden with hope that Spring is coming: kinder, warmer times for our Colorado climate.

firstiris2021The iris follow. First the papershell… delicate and tall, but not as sturdy as the heartier varieties that come in the following weeks with deep colors and stronger petals. 

poppies25The poppies make a fuzzy green appearance as the leaves and stems become longer and then burst into bright red petals that make a bold statement on that end of the yard. But their glory is fleeting. One hard rain or a hail storm in the vibrant color is just a memory.

By late spring and throughout the summer, flowering bushes, the roses, and the peonies take center stage. The delicate columbine blossoms, the sturdy marigolds, the ever blooming geraniums and pansies bring in color and insect life all around the yard.

whitebush2As they begin to fade and the nights grow cooler, other beauties herald their arrival. Hydrangeas, sedum, edelweiss and chrysanthemums come out and share their colors, aromas, and charm.

eidelweis2021Heavenly Father thank you for the amazing colors that we see, the aromas, the diversity of blossoms… all add to the beauty around us. And if they all bloomed at the same time, it would be overwhelming, competing for our senses…and some would go unnoticed.

And I’ve discovered it’s the same with people.

We are so diverse in our gifts, and the beauty of youth and age can be breathtaking. We come in all sizes, all shapes, all colors, and we mature and blossom at different times. Some of us have a natural talent or gift that is recognized early in life. Others of us need to live a good bit of our life before we discover our gift, our purpose and it too, is beautiful when we blossom.

Thank you Father for how You show me and teach me that You’ve replicated in people what we can learn from nature:

That there’s beauty in our differences.

That we don’t all have to bloom at the same time, or be the same color.

That we’re not all the same size, or bring the same design. 

That we each have beauty.

And that in your garden everyone has a time to bloom!


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