The answer is The Son


A friend got a frenzied call last week. It was a couple of young women he knew who found a rattlesnake had gotten onto their porch and wouldn’t leave. And they couldn’t get out of their apartment!

rattlesnake-gbbafc4e27_640My friend is a white water rescue raftsman and He went over in his van was able to coax the snake into a cooler and with a kayak paddle! They were overwhelmed with thanks and offered him dinner for a job well done.

When he left, he drove up into an uninhabited part of some mountain terrain, far from any trails to let it go. But as the evening had grown colder, the snake had become comfortable in the cooler, and refused to leave, rattling a lot to be left alone. So he put the lid back on securely and went home with the snake in his van.

CoolerThe next morning he went back to the uninhabited area, but once again, the snake refused to leave. With the lid back on he sat the cooler in the sun. After a little time, the morning sun heated up the cooler, and when he heard the rattler again, he pried the lid open, and stepped way back. The snake slithered out and took off quickly for parts unknown.

As he’s telling me all this, I’m thinking that this is just what the devil does in our lives.

hide-g0ec3d5d47_640He waits for us, right outside our door, and freezes us from taking action. He shakes his rattle to scare us, and remind us he’s there, waiting to attack if we move in his direction.

When we get help and think we’ve trapped him, he makes his home there and refuses to leave. Even in a sealed box, he is a threat we have to deal with.

clouds-gdac75cead_640In this instance, it took the power of the sun to finally convince the snake to leave.

crosses-gc040f60c5_640In our lives, it takes the power of the Son.

Genesis tells us that he, the devil, will strike His heel, but He (the Son of God) will crush his (the devil’s) head. (Genesis 3:15)

That crushing is the devil’s ultimate defeat.

Has the devil rattled you in some way? Has he frozen you to inaction?

Call a friend when you need one. And call on God’s Son.

There is power in the name of Jesus.

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