Back to School ? !


I truly don’t know where the summer went…May and early June were filled with doctor appointments. Then the heat turned up and we stayed mostly inside and I worked a lot finishing the 4th and 5th books in the 40 Day Prayer Guides series: Praying for your Grandchild and Praying for you Pastor ready.

snowmenlightsBefore the end of July I started seeing ads for Back to School and now my husband tells me Christmas decorations are up at Costco!

Just last week we went to sit our Grand-dog, and on the way back home, stopped at our favorite Mexican food restaurant. Their expanded outdoor serving area was shady, breezy, and completely empty so we sat there enjoying our very favorite soft green chili Rellenos! Sooo yummy!

We took the scenic route home through shady neighborhoods and twisty roads and stopped for fresh fruits and vegetables at our outdoor market. So to me, It felt like I finally got to enjoy my first outdoor summer day!

school-stationery-background-supplies-white-back-1445891-pxhere.comAnd now it‘s back to school! Getting school supplies, preparing tots for the first day of kindergarten, shopping for all those nutritious snacks to put in lunch boxes, making lists of what’s needed for the college dorm room, and pondering what things you want to say to that child – either the one leaving home for mere hours of the school day for the first time – or the one leaving for weeks or months at a time for college or a job away from home.

At least that’s how I’ve seen it before from my perspective. But for some reason today I’m thinking about the perspective of those teachers preparing to go back.

education-product-font-school-class-teaching-1376042-pxhere.comSome who can’t wait to get back in the classroom and are energized by seeing smiling faces ready to learn, and the joy that comes from knowing that they’ve impacted student’s lives for life and taught lessons that blessed and helped children toward their potential.

And some teachers who are excited to be back but are feeling weary perhaps unappreciated and find it challenging to get up every morning and face of classroom with the problems inherent in school administrations and the conflict between students and the misunderstandings or non-participation of parents in their child’s lives.

And then those who return to the classroom with downright fears of what is happening in our world and what might happen to them during the course of the year.

dvxgnwnywem-giulia-bertelliAnd my heart turns to pray for all of them…Heavenly Father, protect our teachers in their classrooms, and their comings and goings. They are strong and courageous and caring to take on the task of guiding our children through their day at school in so many ways – providing mental, social, emotional, physical growth.

Give teachers the wisdom and time they need to learn how each student learns best. Ensure that each teacher has the support they need in their classroom, from the administration, the district, and the parents, to do the job they love. Make sure they are treated with respect by their students, and are able to impart the gift of learning to every student. And encourage them by letting them see ways their teaching is making a difference and impacting lives.

thank-you-g4d0b8df2c_6401 Cor 15:58  Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, be steadfast, immovable, always excelling in the Lord’s work, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.

** And if you know a teacher – send them a Welcome Back note with a scripture or word of appreciation.

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