God’s Promises

Ever feel like the rug has been pulled out from under you?

fall-g544967aad_640Unexpected illness? Lose a job? Sewer back up? Surprise announcement that doesn’t go your way?

Those things can make us lose our footing and stumble, maybe even fall. It can have a physical, financial, emotional or spiritual effect on our lives in many ways. And may take effort to recover our footing.

One thing that can help is to remember that in Christ, we have a firm foundation, a stable place to stand. And standing on His promises, we cannot fall.

I’m kind of old school…I love singing the hymns that I learned as a little girl. A favorite is Standing on the Promises of God – all the verses. Here’s the second one:

Standing on the promises that cannot fail

When the howling storms of doubt and fear assail

By the Living Word of God I shall prevail

Standing on the promises of God

Russel Kelso Carter 1886

Jehovah RaphaFather we know that your promises are true. And so we claim the promise that you are Healer. Many of us need healing or have loved ones who need Your healing touch. Thank You that we can put them completely in Your hands and trust their lives to You. We do that now, name by name, trusting in Your promise that You have a plan for them. Thank You that You love them even more than we can.

ImmanuelWe claim the promise that you are with us always. Many of us are facing challenges, some so big that our faith is stretched thin and doubt and fear have found their way into our thoughts and emotions. But in reclaiming Your promise to be with us always, we are strengthened. If you would change our circumstances miraculously, we would see Your hand at work and give You thanks and praise. But if You choose to help us abide, bear up under the circumstances, this too will provide the encouragement we are looking for. And we thank You and give You our praise.

HewhobeganagoodWe claim the promise that you who began a good work in us and in our loved ones will carry it on to completion. That means You won’t leave us hanging, and that we can have the confidence that You will do Your part, and will guide and encourage us to do our part.

Thank You for Your promises!

Thank You for Your Living Word!

Now I can stand!

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