T’was the day after Thanksgiving…


Twas the day after Thanksgiving

and all through the house

the aroma of turkey

attracted a mouse.


Leftovers were wrapped in the fridge with care

in hopes inspiration soon would be there

for all of the meals The Leftovers would bring

box-2953722_640and for all of the packages tied up with string

that would need to be purchased and sent on their way

to arrive at our loved ones before Christmas Day.

Our bellies still full of meal satisfaction

now have to get moving for Black Friday action.

The lines were so long and the people so scary

the prices outrageous and the parking lot hairy…

coupon 50%off

When what to my wondering eyes should appear

but a coupon for half price that lasts the whole year!

So back to my car to my cell phone I call

I don’t have to shop on Black Friday at all!

And they heard me exclaim as I drove out of sight

Merry Christmas to all !

and a quiet Black Friday night !

2 thoughts on “T’was the day after Thanksgiving…

  1. Laura, this is great! To me, Thanksgiving is a recognized time to thank God for all we have, whether that’s lots or not, and to be with family. But also the rest of the year we need to remember to thank God for everything He’s given us, especially Jesus.

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