Jericho Lesson 7

Let me encourage you once more to read Joshua 6:1-20.

Joshua_Jericho_1024Ask God to show you what He has for you in this passage. Is there a Jericho, a blessing, a gift He wants you to have? One you feel unable to achieve on your own?

I followed the example God showed me of Joshua’s battle to conquer a Jericho in my own life.  Here is the 7th Lesson He taught me on that 7th day.

Getting up early every morning and walking once around the lake with my fellow Jericho walkers had been fun.  But on this 7th day, it was a real challenge.  Walking seven times around the lake was more than I felt I was up to.


Half the trail around the lake is in the open and the other half is in the trees next to houses.  Because we started on the open trail side, the end was hidden from view as I came around the last stretch.


God had brought me 6 ½ laps and I felt I couldn’t go on.  I was plodding along pretty slowly, exhaustedly placing one foot barely in front of the other.  I looked up, and to my surprise, Edna, one of my Jericho walking friends came around the bend.


With a big smile on her face, she met me, turned, and matched my gait to walk the last bit with me.  She had already finished her seven laps with the others, but had stayed.  Even though we didn’t speak, her presence made my step lighter and helped me press on.

chalk-board-Lesson 7


God knows when you need help and will send it





Trust God to bring what you need


When we arrived in the parking lot at last, I gave a loud shout:  Praise God!  Hallelujah!  We laughed and hugged and thanked God.  It felt amazing to finish the walk for my Jericho!

JerichoI don’t know how far it was for the Israelites to walk around the city of Jericho, but they must have been in great shape to have had the energy to “go up and take possession of the city” after the wall fell.  All I wanted to do was rest!  Yet the feeling of victory was undeniable.  I knew in my heart that the wall had fallen.  And it was time to thank God for the victory.



The next day at Bible Study I gave out key chains with little tennis shoes as a reminder of our Jericho Walk.  They call to mind God’s faithfulness in the victories we gained.  And serve as conversation starters to tell others.


If you are reading this, it is my testimony to the victory God gave me in my obedience to the Jericho walk.  I pray that He will show you exactly how to take hold of the victories He has already won for you and is prepared to deliver into your hand.

Are you ready?  God will not disappoint.

Your Jericho Walk

  • What is my Jericho?
  • Where will I walk?
  • When will I start?
  • What will I shout?

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