Jericho Lesson 5

Joshua_Jericho_1024Do you have a “Jericho” in your life: a blessing you believe God wants to give you, but you feel unable to achieve on your own?

I completed a Jericho Walk circling a nearby lake for 6 days and then 7 times on the 7th day.  And God gave me a victory in an area of my life that had been difficult.

God also taught me lessons as I walked.  Especially the 7th day circling the lake.

Nearing the end of my fifth lap, even with the exhilaration I felt at hearing from God, my legs were giving out.  When they began to really hurt, I thought if I could just stop walking for a few minutes, it would be so nice.  I stopped to lean against a pole and closed my eyes.

hymnpianosideInstantly, an old hymn popped into my head: “March on O soul with strength, like those strong men of old…”   Those words literally propelled me back onto the trail!

Music has always spoken powerfully to me.  The melodies make it easy to remember the words, and the words have noble meaning, teaching me truths about my faith.  My soul was marching on and my legs just followed.

chalk-board-Lesson5 (1)


You will get tired, maybe even feel unable to go on.



Recall God’s faithfulness by song, scripture verse, or personal interaction.

Recalling God’s faithfulness to us personally helps strengthen our faith in Him for the present and the future.

clef-593912_1920Songs can remind you of spiritual truth.  And not just us, but our children too.   It’s important to teach our children how to turn to faith in the dark times or when dark thoughts enter in.  Songs can lift our spirit and take us to the place where hope lies.

For me, it’s the old hymns that I grew up with.  For others, it’s praise songs or popular worship music.  Play and sing it at home and when you travel so you know the words and melodies when you need them.



Besides music, another powerful tool for encouragement is scripture.  Several times on my Jericho walk I recited scriptures I had read that morning or knew by heart.

Psalm 138:8 is a favorite.  Focusing on one word at a time, I restated that Psalm aloud:

book-1209805_1920God will fulfill His purpose for me” – meaning that it is God’s work to do it and His power that will bring it about.

“God will fulfill His purpose for me” – meaning it is a certainty, that it will be done.

Each time I restated the verse, the power of its truth grew.

Again, both we and our children need to know scripture.  We all need to understand its meaning, what it means to us personally, and how it applies to our lives.

Thirdly, we also need to be able to recall God’s faithfulness in our own lives.


Look back over your last week and see where God answered a prayer, or gave you a blessing, a word of guidance, or protected you from trouble.  Now look back over the last several weeks or months, the last year, your adult life, your teen years, as a child.  When things come to mind, jot them down.


This will create a record you can see to recall and acknowledge God’s faithfulness to you.  It’s not just the giants of scripture who God interacts with.  It’s you and me, in your life and mine.  


Songs, scripture and remembering God’s faithfulness to me in the past got me around the lake again.  My legs were still feeling weak but my heart was feeling strong.  I began the last lap.

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