Jericho Lesson 3

Joshua_Jericho_1024Do you have a “Jericho” in your life: a blessing you believe God wants to give you, but you feel unable to achieve on your own?

Following the example of Joshua’s battle, I completed a Jericho Walk.  Check out the last few posts to read more about it.

Besides the big victory I was walking for, God met and taught me lessons along the way.  These came when our group circled the lake 7 times on the seventh day.


Lesson 1 came when God reminded me that when I step out in faith, I need to wear His spiritual armor to protect myself from outside attack.

prayer-888757_1920Lesson 2 showed me that my own inner thoughts and fears will work against me.  That solution is to pray for God to remove those things from me and to hold on to His promises.

After those realizations, there was more spring in my step and I felt a physical heaviness lift.

By this time I saw that 3 of my friends were a lap ahead of me.  Knowing I would never catch up, I turned my thoughts to what else God have to say to me.  It was as if I could hear Him asking why I was out here.  Was it to simply plod thru the exercise of circling the lake?  To race in competition with my friends?  Or was it to connect with Him?

So I asked Him to speak into my heart, and whatever He had to say, I would listen.  It was as if He could hear my thoughts about not being in the lead, and dealt with this idea first.

chalk-board Lesson 3

It’s not a competition



elephant-1090828_640Accept who God has made you to be.  And thank Him for who you are. Don’t compare yourself with others, or the life they are called to or the gifts or talents they have.   Accept God’s love for you – just the way He created you.



I could hear God saying to me, “Go at your own pace.  Take breaths!  Stretch!  You don’t have to match your sisters’ walk.  It’s not a competition or a race.  Just be with me.”

That was so freeing.  To hear that God wasn’t disappointed in me because I wasn’t in the lead felt incredibly unexpected and liberating!  I had put that burden on myself.  To know that it wasn’t part of God’s expectation freed me from the shame and judgment I had placed on myself.

Now I could be joyful in the knowledge that the longer I took, the more time I would be spending with God!

armwrestlingSo much of our life is spent comparing ourselves with others and ranking our performance.  Men compare jobs, incomes, physical strength, intellect, cars, houses and material possessions; then often glean their self-worth from how they rank against those around them.

Women will gauge their success by their career versus home choices, their physical appearance, their children’s behavior and successes.  Even Christians will compare ministry participation, or missions’ involvement, or spiritual gifts.

Then we place ourselves on some kind of ranking continuum, and it affects our attitudes, our behavior, and our sense of worth.

But what God is saying is “I love creativity!  And I made you each different intentionally.  I love you and I’m pleased with you regardless of who else I made, or how I made them!”   It’s something we don’t often hear.  But then, how often do we make the time to listen?

We walk the path God puts in front of us, in the way He made us to walk it. 

For the next two laps I focused on listening to what God had to say to me, unhurried.  I drank in His encouragement.


I encourage you to make time this week to get alone to ask God to speak to you.  And be prepared to listen.

Carve out some time.

Maybe take a walk.

3 thoughts on “Jericho Lesson 3

  1. Wonderful lessons that all new Christians would benefit from learning. Not that older ones wouldn’t benefit, but how much further and how much easier one could progress if they learned these as a young believer.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. I know this seems simple, but I wanted to address each lesson I learned separately so it wouldn’t overwhelm people. Otherwise, what I wrote about my experience with the Jericho Walk is over 5,000 words!


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