My Jericho Walk

Joshua_Jericho_1024The last post asked if you have a “Jericho” in your life; referring to a blessing you believe God wants to give you, but you feel unable to achieve on your own. And it explained how God delivered Jericho into Joshua’s hand.  Check it out to catch up if you haven’t read it yet.

Here’s how I did my Jericho walk.

Even though I felt God had showed me what to do, I felt a little silly telling anyone about it.  And was afraid of what people might think of what seemed like a crazy idea.

my-lakeFor my battle, I believe God directed to walk this lake near my home.  And not alone, He brought women to walk with me, walking for their own Jerichos.

The plan was to walk once around the lake at sunrise for six days.  And then seven times on the seventh day.

The day had come.  A friend brought her Bible and held it out in front of the group as we walked in silence.  It seemed appropriate as the Israelites had the priests with the Arc of the Covenant at the head of their line.

It gave me chills. I felt part of something larger than myself. It even seemed there was a connection to obedient believers from long ago, stretching back across time.

That day was an easy enough task, but we felt like we were truly a part of something amazing. At the end of the lap, one cried, one read a scripture, and we all hugged. They were each walking for their own Jericho. And it was remarkable!

agenda-black-calendar-273011Each day, we steadfastly walked on, holding our Bibles to our chests or in our arms, stepping silently, sensing God at work. Each day, at the beginning or at the end of our lap, we shared and prayed.

Words of support, phone calls and emails came in from friends saying they were praying for us in our walk. We were so encouraged. None of us felt silly anymore. We walked with a purpose and a passion, on a mission.

On the seventh day, we had calculated sunrise to be 6:41 am. God’s timing had allowed that it was late into Fall. The week before, we had shifted out of Daylight Savings Time, making it an even later sunrise. For a night owl like me, this was just another example of God’s grace at work. We locked our cars, bundled up, and headed out in the soft, subdued light of daybreak.

As we began to walk, our paces spread us out. We weren’t far apart, but it was clear I wouldn’t be at the head of the line. Thoughts of whether I could catch up by the end began to dissolve into fears of whether I would even be able to finish at all.

It was as if God could hear my thoughts and I could hear Him saying to me, “Go at your own pace. Take breaths! Just be with me.”

nature-2115661_640By the third lap the sun was beginning to rise.  It was uplifting and I was having a real conversation with God as I continued to walk.

Nearing the end of my fifth lap, even with the exuberance I felt, my legs were giving out. And then I heard the sound of the Shofar!  A friend had brought it and sounded it when she finished her walk.  With my legs feeling weak but my heart feeling strong, I made it to the last lap.

I felt God was with me, coaching me, and moving me little by little around the lake till the end was almost in sight.

I was plodding along pretty slowly when to my surprise, one of my walking friends came to meet me. With a big smile on her face, she met me, turned, and matched my gait to walk the last bit with me.

She had already finished her seven laps with the others, but had stayed. Even though we didn’t speak, her presence made my step lighter and helped me press on.

When we rounded the final turn I gave my loud shout. We hugged and praised God. It felt amazing to finish the walk around my Jericho!

20190526_215651I don’t know how far it was for the Israelites to walk around the city of Jericho, but they must have been in great shape to have had the energy to “go up and take possession of the city” after the wall fell. All I wanted to do was rest! Yet the feeling of victory was undeniable.

I knew in my heart that the wall had fallen. And I could claim the victory that God had given me.


I took key chains that had little tennis shoes on them to pass out to all the women as a reminder of our Jericho Walk.

In the days that followed there was a new openness in a significant relationship.

What is your Jericho?

Where will you walk?

When will you start?

What will you shout?


2 thoughts on “My Jericho Walk

    1. Thank you. I would love to do that. I cut it down for the two parts in the blog and still have a third part for the lessons I learned on the walk. It was am amazing experience


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