Which plane are you?

This week I made some time to get alone and walk around the lake. Rather than the birds or flowers, my attention was drawn to the sky. It was a beautiful and clear expanse with just a few puffy white clouds in the distance. The reflection in the lake made the blue seem even deeper. During my walk three airplanes appeared and gave me pause to think.


If I not been looking up to catch a glimpse of movement I never would’ve even seen it. This plane was going by without a noticeable trace. Unless I had been looking right at it, I never would have known it was passing overhead.



Soon after, noise drew my attention back to the sky. Another plane. The rumble of its engine could be heard from quite a distance. I could discern its path with my eyes closed.




The third plane flew so high that in its wake, a glistening streak was left behind to trace its majestic flight from one edge of the horizon to the other. Anyone who lifted their eyes heavenward could see the route by which this elevated traveler had passed.


In our Christian life, are we marking our presence for others to see?

Like the first plane, are we even noticeable? Or are we trying so hard not to offend anyone, or “rock the boat” that people have to be looking right at us to see us?

Or like the second plane, are we traveling so low to the world in our priorities and attitudes that our rumbling and grumbling is loud but unproductive evidence of our existence?


Hopefully, our Christian walk would take us higher, above the busyness and frustrations of the world to be more like Christ. Hopefully, our attitudes, words and actions would take us on the highest road, heavenward, where our own majestic flight would leave a glistening streak to encourage others. We can choose, through God’s grace, to live like we’re in heaven, here on earth.

It is well worth the effort it takes to seek and gain that godly altitude that earnestly walking in the Spirit gives us. Then that contrail produced will give heading and encouragement to others looking up!

How about it? Which plane are you?