Where is your focus?


I walked around the lake today and watched a pelican take off. It flew more gracefully than I imagined it could.




As it moved farther away, it became a delicate, graceful figure in the sky, deftly riding the thermal currents higher and higher, circling one way, then another. I found myself transfixed on this majestic, mesmerizing motion.


Without realizing it, I had covered one-third the distance around the lake. When I took my eyes off the pelican to look around it was hard to find it again.



It grew smaller and smaller, but searching, I did find it and continued to walk and watch. I began to wonder how long I could look away, and still locate the ever-shrinking image in the sky. After several glances away I lost it completely.

It made me think about where my focus is in life.

I need to fix my eyes on Jesus and not look away. To look away from the pelican’s flight was to miss the grandeur and gracefulness of it and risk not finding it again. To look away from Jesus, is to miss His guidance, presence, protection, comfort, and have to spend time getting Him in sight again.

Even focused on the bird, I made good time walking. With my eyes lifted up I was led by peripheral vision without even realizing it. After I had lost sight of the pelican I made a second trip around the lake, I noticed the area I had crossed had quite a dirty sidewalk. Between the dog and duck and goose droppings, there was a real mess! Yet, I had crossed this “minefield” the first time without getting any of it on my shoes!

Looking up at the bird, I was spared the ugly sight of what was around me, and the misfortune of getting involved in it, yet had completed my goal of walking around the lake.

Keeping your focus on God gives you the same benefits. You are aware of your surroundings, but your focus is not on the ugliness. You don’t get so tied up in the “messes”.

You will reach your godly goals. God will lead you through the ‘minefields’ of life.

And you get, as the focus for your life, the beauty and grandeur of lifting your eyes Heavenward!