Use the wings God gave you

Sometimes a walk is just a walk. But most of the time, I have found, it is an invitation for God to speak to me.

Recently I was walking with a decision weighing heavy on my mind: Should I choose the offer that was easiest? Or the one that was attainable, but would take me out of my comfort zone?

Nearby a Great Heron began to flap its wings and take off.

herontaking off

Being so close, I was amazed at the great measure of the bird’s wingspan. Usually I see them wading in the water – tall and stately, wings tucked back. With their wings fully outstretched, the width extended double the bird’s height. It reached far beyond seemingly realistic proportions.




With an unexpected majestic grace and ease, the heron climbed, circled, and flew out of sight.



Lowering my gaze at last, I saw several little finches hip-hopping, with short little flights from the trees to the ground. Their range of flight was limited by the size of their wings. Their small wings could lift and carry their body weight for comparably short distances.


Watching them, I realized what a great gift the heron possesses! For a moment, I pictured the heron’s body with the finches’ behavior. What if it didn’t use its God-given abilities to go where those abilities would take it? What a pity it would be if the heron didn’t use this gift to fly great distances, but limited itself to only hopping about its familiar lake home.



There are many Christians who remain bound, refusing or unable to spread the gifted wings God has given them to fly. They make hip-hopping little moves that take them nowhere, because they are comfortable where they are. But God has given us great wings to carry us great distances.

My decision was made. I had to leave my comfort zone and fly!

What are your God-given wings? You have a talent or ability or experiences that, if shared, would reach out to others and take you to new places and new ministries.


Don’t be content to hip-hop when you can soar.

Recognize your wings. Spread them. And fly!


4 thoughts on “Use the wings God gave you

  1. A much needed message, working on doing some things to get out of my comfort zone. Thank you for continuing to use your gift of writing to inspire, encourage, push and move people to action. Keep up the good work!


    1. thank you for your kind and encouraging words 🙂 How’s the editing/publishing coming?? And the job search? Father, open doors for Josh.


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