God doesn’t waste a drop

After a big snow, I noticed a drain spout exiting a building about a foot above a concrete curb. Water was flowing out in a steady trickle and splattering on the hard surface. Sunlight danced in the glistening, sprinkling water droplets and a rivulet formed carrying the water away and down the pavement. It was mesmerizing – watching the light play off the sprays of water – like watching dancing flames in a fireplace.

Entertaining, yes, but what a waste! In times of drought, like we often experience, that water could have been redirected to a flowerbed or grassy area. In fact, that building had areas with costly irrigation systems in place.

How many people are like that concrete: hard, resistant, refusing to budge, with the blessing of Living Water being poured out on them daily? And yet God doesn’t waste a drop.

flower in concreteWe all know which wins out in the encounter between concrete and water. Eventually, albeit slowly over time, the erosive power of water can change the face of solid concrete. Sometimes a crack will appear and grow. Then dust can accumulate, and a seed blown in will take root. Weeds, plants, even trees have appeared in the unlikeliest of places, like the middle of a concrete sidewalk.

Change can occur in people too. We may see on the exterior a person who seems tough, presenting a hard, unyielding face to the world. But God looks on the inside, to the heart, and sees what we cannot. He loves, when we do not. And drop by precious drop, He pours out His Living Water.


His plan is perfect. His patience is endless. His power is supreme.

If you are living with, working with, or praying for a concrete curb, don’t give up. The possibility is there.

God doesn’t waste a drop.